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Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Good Measure

A tape measurer makes a great toy, just ask my boys.

There has always been a tape measurer at my desk, but for the last four years it hasn’t been the same tape measurer.

In 2005, I started posted gently used name brand clothing on EBAY. The setting was something like this:

1. I purchased the clothing.
2. Removed the tags
3. Laid the clothing out on the floor
4. Took pictures
5. Downloaded the pictures
6. Posted the item on EBAY

Now, no where in this list do you see take measurements of clothing. Because for the first few weeks, I didn’t realize I should be listing measurements.
One day, a woman emailed me and asked about the rise of a pair of pants.

What’s a rise? I emailed back.

The measurement from the crotch to the front button (It’s alright to write crotch in an email. It’s not quite as offensive and saying it verbally).Some pants are low rise, others are high rise. Wow, this was a great discovery and I felt so smart, like I uncovered some fashion designer lingo.

I ran to the counselor’s tool box and grabbed an old, worn-out tape measurer. The only time I’d used it before was when hanging pictures on the wall. The only time the counselor had used the tape measurer was when measuring the little boys, marking their height on the back of our pantry door.

Others started asking for measurements and before long I was voluntarily taking measurements, posting them along with the fabric/material, any pockets, slit measurements on skirts and dresses, if an item was lined, zip fly or button fly and any other features I felt needed description.

So, the first tape measurer?

What happened to it?

As far as tools go, this one was happy and treated well, received lots of attention and knew it was needed.

That old worn-out steady working contraption, like a work horse that never quit, ended up being carried away by a two-year old to some unknown destination. Some things turn up later, like when moving a couch or cleaning behind a bed. Since I never do such hideous labor, we never did find it.

I purchase several from the dollar store, leaving one on my desk for each of the boys. Little by little, they broke (yes, in the traditional dollar store way).
One day at ACE Hardware (don’t get too excited, I was just buying bug spray), I noticed a display with tools for the female breed; a slim hammer-painted with spring flowers, a screwdriver- the handler a bit smaller for the more delicate hand and wrist of a woman, and a tape measure-with beautiful art displayed on the outer panel. Sure, it cost a little more then a man’s tape measurer, but wasn’t I worth it? Not usually a sucker for such sneaky advertising, I grabbed the tape measurer and vowed it would never be lost.

Today, that "pretty woman” is long gone and I’m using a Workforce Auto stop with quick pause, 25 feet, 1 inch wide tape measurer that’s slightly broken and too heavy for measuring silk blouses.

Where did I get it?

Honestly, it’s one of those things that just showed up at my house, like the sippy cup my baby’s using at the moment; it just appeared and I’ve claimed it as my own (if anyone’s lost a blue bunny sippy cup or a Workforce Auto stop with quick pause, 25 feet, 1 inch wide tape measurer, please contact me immediately).

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