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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Son's ADD and Q96

My boys are spunky, ambitious and energetic.  They wake up running and have to be corralled into bed at night.  Their energy is unstoppable and most days I get dizzy just watching them, but when one of my sons was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 8, it felt like I had failed as a parent.  What had I done wrong?  Would my son have a fair chance in life?  

The counselor and I knew it years before our son's official diagnoses.  The signs were everywhere.  We'd seen his struggle to focus, his unpredictable outbursts and inability to make social connections.  He was temperamental and always moving; like a burning spinning top.  Some days were just getting through hour by hour.

The counselor and I decided we would not put him on medication, but try an herbal and nutritional approach.  As he grew older, I noticed our son was more creative and coordinated then most. He was fast- so fast I nicknamed him Dash.  He automatically could do back flips on the trampoline or win races in the pool.  For hours at a time, he would look through an art book and make elaborate paper airplanes - so many my living room floor was covered with them.  His sense of humor was off the charts and he said the funniest things. He didn't think like the rest of my kids and when he was clever, I loved it!  The counselor told me that's why we couldn't put him on medication.  We could lose the best parts of him.  The older he got his pestering grew more intense but so did his creativity.  He was more confident than my other boys, the class clown and a total flirt too.  However, the destructive side of ADD was affecting our family in a big way.  The unpredictable behavior of ADD was rubbing off on my other children.  At times our home was an environment of intense emotions, anxiety, and anger.  None of the herbal therapies were working and I felt hopeless.

I finally accepted life with my son would have more downs then ups.  His teachers had been amazing and his grades were acceptable.  He could keep it together at school, but once at home his energy turned agitated.  Unfortunately, we rarely got the best side of him.  It was difficult to go out as a family.  Even a run to Costco could be brutal.

Last summer I went to the Kimber Academy and had the chance to meet founder Glenn Kimber.  I told him about my son; his ADD struggles and my worries.  Glenn put his arm around me and told me ADD was a term that meant gifted.  "Your son has a lot to offer the world," he said and in some way, I came to understand ADD more that day.  I started looking more for the gifts my son did have.  Frankly, he was amazing.  Was there anyway he could keep the good side of his personality, but lose the destructive traits of ADD?

A few months ago my friends Mack and Rachel mentioned their daughter who is bi-polar was having a lot of success with an herbal pill called Q96.  Her symptoms seemed to be melting away.  Their other daughter who suffered with postpartum was having some relief too. After hearing both their stories, I enquired about Q96 for my family.  

Although only one of my son's had ADD, I had a second son struggling in his shadows.  I noticed in the afternoons their moods worsened.  Some days I felt like I was living with wolf cubs as these boys would fight and tease in a territorial sort of way.  Time outs and creative discipline were taking over my life.  I needed Q96 to work not just for my boys, but I needed it to help me!  For years I’d struggled with staying focused, mood and lack of sleep.  I would walk into a room and forget what I was looking for. With all my families emotional needs, I bought a bottle of 120 pills for $60 and we started taking them.

I was praying for a miracle.  Something to help cure the backlash of emotional rip tides in my home (that seemed to be happening more and more often) and by day two, I had and experience with my son that brought me hope.

That night he asked to pray with me before bed (which was a bit of a shock in its own right).  Usually he recited the same 10-second prayer said at practically the speed of light, but on this particular night, he prayed for several minutes; thoughtfully and sincere. 

“Please bless Grandma in heaven, please bless I’ll live to be 95 years old, please bless I won't get any diseases, thank you for my family,” he said.  The honesty and sweetness rang like a bell.  

So, imagine the next day when I’m in the car and he tells me about this funny incident he had with his brothers that morning.  I started laughing, really touched by how funny he portrayed this story when he said “Wow, Mom, you really heard me.  So much of the time when I talk to you, you don’t seem to even hear what I have to say.”  My heart sank.  I knew he was right.  So much of the time when my kids talk to me I’m distracted or preoccupied.  At that moment, I realized my mind wasn’t rambling around worried about this or that. I was able to listen to my son without a single focus problem.  Q96 seemed to be working.  

With Q96 my boys were doing great in the morning, but I noticed if I didn’t give them another pill in the afternoon around 2:00, their moodiness/attitude/lack of attention came back.  So, our routine now is a pill in the morning and another at 2:00. 

I want to share another example.

The counselor and I took our family to California this summer the first week of June.  

At this time we did not yet have the Q96.  Two of my boys had time-outs often throughout the day.  My son with ADD was causing so much trouble he sat in timeout instead of playing in the ocean with the rest of us.  I hated how discipline constantly divided our family, but the counselor and I certainly weren’t going to ignore bad behavior. 

Fast-forward to our trip to Flagstaff late July.  My boys had been on Q96 for several weeks and we didn’t have a single behavioral problem.  The counselor and I couldn’t believe the change with these two boys.  They made out plans, talked about ideas, validated each other and remained focused.

I can honestly say Q96 had changed my family.  

One of my younger son's acts more like a kid now instead of a moody teenager.  He can tell when he needs another Q96 and will come ask for it.  Even his voice has changed to a slightly higher pitch.

When my extended family started noticing subtle changes in my children, I was thrilled.  My sister commented on the color of my son’s eyes and later told me “I don’t think he’s every really looked into my eyes when we’ve talked before. He seems more focused.”  My mom had a sleepover with the grand kids at her house and commended my two sons who had struggled in the past with follow through for “setting such a good example and being obedient when it was time to go to sleep.”    

As with all my blogging, I write to help others.  There’s a lot of research behind Q96.  I am currently reading a biography written by Autumn Stringam.  I can't wait to do a book review once I'm finished.  It's a fascinating story; really honest and beautifully written.

A Promise of Hope reads: Some children inherit "the family nose." Autumn Stringam and her brother Joseph inherited the family bipolar disorder, a severe mental illness that led to their mother's and grandfather's suicides. Autumn, at 22, was psychotic and in in a psychiatric hospital on suicide watch; Joseph, at 15, was prone to violent episodes so terrifying the family feared for their lives. But after they began taking a nutritional supplement developed by their father and based, incredibly, on a formula given to aggressive hogs--Autumn's and Joseph's symptoms disappeared. Today they both lead normal, productive lives.

Autumn's father’s research formulated the Q96. 

According to tons of research and personal testimony, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and so many other disorders can be greatly altered with this supplement.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live without it again.  I believe in the product so much, I have signed up as a Q96 representative.  Another reason I signed up is because this product is something I can afford for my family and I feel the pricing of $60 is very reasonable.  My website is  If you’d like to order a bottle, you can do so on my site or contact me at and I can get you started.  

My days are not perfect.  There are still outbursts and breakdowns, but nothing like before.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, my two boys behavior fluctuates somewhere between a 1 and 3.  I've thought long and hard about sharing these personal experiences, but if it can help someone else, it's worth it.

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