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Friday, August 29, 2014

Old Mirrors Turned Chalkboard

Sometimes this pile of mirrors gets to me, like that unsettled feeling you get when you know you have something to do but you just can’t put your finger on it.

For almost every dresser I bring home, there is a mirror included with it (sometimes two mirrors).  These mirrors are my “something to do.”  But, what do I do with them.  When I have benefit garage sales, I can barely give these old mirrors away.  I don’t think many people want an old mirror.  Truth is, I know these mirrors can be something wonderful, if only!  

The thing about me is I’m not your “attention to detail” type of person.  I’m not crafty, I don’t own all sorts of tools for up-doing and repurposing and I’m not that inventive with this type of thing.

But, still, I have all these mirrors, so I had to try something.



 I see chalkboards in my sleep!

I'm in love with CHALKBOARDS!
I did keep one a mirror, but that's because it was pretty special.

And I did make some wall art, I think this would be called architectural salvage.
I want to do more things like this.

But the not crafty part is a problem.

Also, the counselor and I had a splendid yonder night at the Nickel Creek concert.  

I highly recommend I am a Lighthouse & When You Come Back Down.  The lyrics, musical talent and vocals of this group, well, I was mesmerized.  Their music is like a good massage, hitting just the right places and feeling ‘oh so good when you think you can’t feel any better.  

Yes, Nickel Creek was awesome.  

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  1. ummmm... not crafty? You are the best kind of crafty! I would love a chalkboard like that! Someday soon (hopefully) when I move, I would love to purchase one from you! btw, I bought a dresser off you about a year and a half ago, and also had you paint a changing table in case you're wondering who I am :)

    1. How are you, dear girl. Thank you for the kind compliments. I have so many mirrors, I'm sure to paint you up something beautiful.

  2. Love the chalkboards!! What did you use for the board part just particle board?? They are awesome!!

    1. Hello Samantha. I'm finding most mirrors have a thin wood backing, so once I get rid of the mirror I just paint the backing. I then use some small nails to put it all back together. No extra cost for supplies, so I like that.

  3. Love your chalkboards! Love Nickel Creek! Have their debut album, and every song is wonderful. So glad you got to see them live.