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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Parking Sign from JFK's Inauguration

As many of you may know, I lost my beloved mother-in-law this summer.  My husband’s parents have been a strong support in my life and we gather often for Sunday dinners and birthday celebrations.  From the day the counselor and I married, I called my in-laws “Mom” and “Dad.”  
What a blessing to have another set of loving parents in my life.

Here we are last summer in Prescott.

We also loved U of A basketball!

 But with her gone, it has left a whole in my heart.  Still, I know she is all around and have felt her presence many times. 

My mother-in-law, “Mom” loved antiques.  With all the thrifting I do, I found many wonderful Christmas and birthday presents for her.  One piece in particular I found about 15 years ago at a school benefit sale in Paradise Valley.  There, leaning against a box was this street sign.  

For $5.00, it was mine.  Mom loved anything Americana and red/white/blue.  The next time I went to Mom’s house, I told her I had a surprise and presented her the sign.

She recognized the date as John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.  

(images found here)

She shared her memories of January 20, 1961, of President Kennedy and proudly hung the sign in her kitchen.  We examined the back, 

amazed someone had taken the time to preserve their ticket and keep it with the sign.  

Often, when we gathered at her home, she would pull me aside and thank me for the sign.  It was one of her favorites.

With her passing, Dad started cleaning up the home, deciding what would stay and what would go.  Not only did I want the NO PARKING SIGN, I absolutely needed it!  I need it to hold on to her, to the memory of her and to the joy she radiated. I need it because she loved it!

I know it's just a sign, but it means so much more.

I miss her.


  1. Such a loving tribute to someone who brought you great happiness. I love that sign too, I am so glad you have it. You know she is thrilled that you will always see her when you see the sign.

  2. Oh man. I want that. I'm so jealous. :)))

  3. This is a great one, Laura! Hope that you are well.