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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Broken Hinge Blessing

Last weekend, I finished a few more chalkboards.  This one is my favorite!

And painted a beautiful dresser to take down to Merchant Square.  

What a beauty!

I also painted a folding closet door to used as a backdrop for hanging all sorts of trash, 

a vintage garden rack for display 

and all sorts of trashy things.

I started to pull out the massive dresser from my truck when pop – the cabinet door hinge just broke in half. 

The dresser was literally halfway out of my truck, somewhat teeter between me and the large appliance wagon.  I wasn’t sure what to do when the gentleman helping me suggested we bring the dresser in anyway.  “You can run to Home Depot, buy a new hinge and I’ll help you put it on.”

We took the dresser into the shop and placed it in my booth (#73).  

The new trash I brought in was not priced and everything was a bit disheveled, but I ran out looking for the hinge.  Before I knew it, it was past 5:00.  Merchant Square was closed. 

The following day was Saturday and Merchant Square had scheduled an event called “Let’s Make A Deal.’  The event invited all merchants to man their booth for the day so customers could meet the artist.  Because my Saturday’s are pretty hectic here at the house, I hadn’t planned on attending the event, but with a broken cabinet door and all sorts of unpriced inventory, I knew I needed to get down there.

Saturday at 7:00am, the doors opened just for vendors.  I was able to meet some amazing people.  I’m telling you, there is so much talent inside that store.  The creativity is addictive. 

Well, the hinge I had purchased at Home Depot didn't fit the cabinet from the dresser, so I was out the door again, running to Ace, then a custom cabinet shop.  Finally, I made it back to Merchant Square right at 9:00am.  The shop opened for customers and I finished up pricing this and that when I a woman with the sweetest smile approached me.  She introduced herself and we became instant friends.  

Deb has been a follower of My Dear Trash, plus a member of ANWA (American Night Writers Association), a writing group I’ve been a member of for years.  We hugged and laughed, realizing we know so many of the same people, but what fed my soul was Deb encouraged me to keep writing, complimented me on my blog and shared sunshine in the form of true friendship.  She is amazing.  When she left I wondered “What if I hadn’t been here to meet her?” 

The event at Merchant Square was so much fun.  I spoke with all sorts of wonderful customers who had questions about decorating, painting furniture and the fun of this vintage craze that seems to be taking over the world.  Later, I walked from booth to booth meeting even more vendors – all because of a broken hinge.

P.S., I’m still looking for a matching hinge so wish me luck.

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