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Monday, January 13, 2014

What I learned from losing my phone

Last Thursday night, I couldn’t find my phone.  I knew it was in the home, so we called it and tried the on-line locater, but nothing.  Conclusion? I had a lost phone and it was out of battery.  Reef was the last one to have it, so I asked my precocious son “Do you remember where you put it?”  Asking a 5 year-old where they last left something is like giving them a candy bar and wondering later why it’s gone.   Reef insisted he’d left my phone on the kitchen table, but nothing. 

After an hour or so of searching, Chandler said “Mom, we haven’t done the most important thing.  Let’s pray.”  Nothing like making a mom feel humbled when the teenager insists on praying.

So, we prayed as a family and continued our search.  I paid special attention to impressions and kept feeling like it was outside.  While walking through the backyard with a flashlight, I was reminded of an experience I’d had a few weeks earlier.  Before Christmas, I misplaced several movie passes I purchased to give away as gifts.  After searching for sometime, a feeling came over me to keep things in perspective.  Sure, the tickets were lost but my family was safe, in good health and had enough to eat.  From that moment forward, I gave it up to God.  A few weeks later, the movie tickets were found and all was well.  The truth is, I was already over it so finding them was like getting something for free.

Thursday night did not produce my phone.  Come Friday morning and I accepted the inevitable.  My phone was gone and I would need to purchase a new one.  I was most concerned about my contacts, but it was what it was and everything would work out.  That's when I made a decision.  Since I did not have a phone or phone numbers of my contacts, since overall I was feeling pretty bummed, I should just take a day off to celebrate all I do have.  I am fortunate to stay home full-time.  When was the last time I took the day off?  No work whatsoever!  That’s when I decided I was going to play hooky with Eden

Chandler came out of his bedroom, ready for school and said “Mom, I just finished praying again you would find your phone.”  I was so touched by his concern and faith when I had an impression to go outside and check in the stroller.  I hadn’t used the stroller for a few weeks, but still, went outside to check.  Several feet before I got there, I saw it; there was my phone sitting in the chair.  

I ran inside and hugged Chandler, thanking him for his faith.  I wanted to celebrate by following through with my idea and planned my special day.


Shopping! Check out these funky shoes I found at Goodwill.  

I tried on several pair.  My motto?  If you can’t walk in them, don’t buy them!

The celebration continued through the weekend.
Making bracelets.

Flying paper airplanes

Sunday we wore our Goodwill dresses to church.

Gratitude was the theme of our weekend. 
Maybe I should lose my phone more often!

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