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Friday, January 31, 2014

Could trash get me to Hawaii?

I have four amazing younger brothers.  My brother Matthew whom I adore lives in Hawaii.  I’ve written about him here and here.  He knows about my dreams and life goals; one of which is to visit to Hawaii.  Every time we talk he asks “When are you coming to visit me?”  I’ve blown it off in a sort of pitiful way.  When daily showers aren’t even an option, getting to Hawaii seems impossible.  Because of obligations, schedules and hungry mouths to feed, I think us mom’s have pushed the pause button on many of our dreams.  I mean really, how could I ever find time to go to Hawaii when my focus in life is kid's homework, chore charts and healthy meals?

Still, I’ve been dreaming about it.  The sunsets, the waves, the marine life!  I’d never been and have wanted to go so bad it's like an ache in my soul.  This may be because of my love for the sea, my desire to be a mermaid and my background in ocean conservation.  Either way, being with my brother in Hawaii would be something close to heaven.

And then, one day as Derek walked out the door I kissed him and said “I really want to go to Hawaii.”  And he smiled and said “Sounds like fun.  I think you should go.”

All day long, I kept thinking “I want to go to Hawaii.”  I’d had that thought a thousand times throughout my life, but on this particular day it kept popping back up inside my head.  I started brainstorming about how I could do it.  I felt like I was conspiring against my family, knowing Derek would have to stay behind and help watch the kids.  Still, I pushed ahead. 

My first goal was to earn money for the flight.  Could I do it?  Was Hawaii really within reach?  
Bring in the trash and paint.
Painting this dresser was the start of a busy week!

Here's another.

If I could do a few more, I just might earn the money.

White usually moves fast, so white was necessary. 

 And a Tiffany blue French dresser for good luck.

Off they went to Antique Plaza!
FYI, if you ever want to go check out my trash, I am in booth #52.
Just look for the My Dear Trash sign.

So, did I make it to Hawaii (wink, wink)?  More on that next week.  

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  1. Good for you .... you can do it...!

  2. There is something so satisfying when you sell something to fulfill a dream. Best wishes to you, and I can't wait to see your pictures, and please go to some thrift stores while you're there!