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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Dresser That Won't Sell

Last spring when the weather was nice and the flowers were in bloom, the counselor took the little kids to the zoo.  I stayed home to work on some projects.  While he was there, I was spent a few minutes browsing craigslist and found this darling dresser.  

I called the owner and she told me I could pick it up anytime and by the way, she happened to live in Tempe by the zoo.

I called the counselor and asked if he could go by and pick up this beauty on his way home. 

The previous owner said it was her grandmother’s.  When her grandmother gave it to her, she decided to paint it black.  Once the counselor got home, I did a little touch up and ba-bang, it was ready to go to the shop. 

Not often do I have a dresser for sell for 6 months, but for some reason, this dresser didn’t want to go anywhere. It made me wonder, “Is it the color? The mirror? The size?”  Why won’t this thing sell!  Other vendors at Antique Plaza would stop me and ask “How long have you had that dresser?  Why won’t it sell?”  They all agreed I had priced it right, but seriously!

So, last week I finally gave in to the dresser!  I brought it home and stared at it for a few minutes.  It took some good time and elbow grease, but after completely stripping it, I painted it a lovely Tiffany blue. I took off the shiny sliver pull knobs and replaced them with glass. Because so many people use these dressers for their flat screens, I decided to leave the mirror off to use for another project.  Here she is now, down at Antique Plaza.  
Let’s see it she sells now.
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  1. I loved it black and I love the blue. I can't imagine why it wouldn't have sold. It's a beauty.

  2. Start waving Good-Bye to your lovely dresser now.. It's a Beauty..

  3. A great day with you sweet daughter! Love you,


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