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Friday, September 20, 2013

Gray; not so drab after all

For way too long, I avoided painting with the color gray, thinking, “Gray?  Really?  It’s so drab.  It has no personality.  It’s boring and too neutral.”  And why would you pick gray when there are so many other color choices that are bright and cheerful and make a bold statement?

I’ve seen all sorts of pieces painted gray on other websites and blogs and thought certain gray would be a quick fad; that it would come and go like the seasons.  I’ve seen gray at the Antique shops and re-sale stores, but I’ve never liked the color gray and certainly didn’t think it was a compliment when painted on old furniture.  I didn’t want to paint something beautiful gray, only to have it sit for months before selling.  

A friend of mine bought an old antique dresser and painted it gray.  She called me over to have me look at it. On and on she went, gushing on how beautifully it distressed and how authentic it looked.  Suddenly, I really liked it.  Gray started to grow on me, I decided it was time to give gray a go.  Would it sit forever?  Would somebody else like it?
Going, going, gone.
Boy, was I wrong.  
It turns out there are all sorts of gray tones.
Gray can compliment other colors, like black.
and yellow.
Does silver count?
and now I can’t hold a gray piece down.  
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