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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A letter to my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary

Dear Honey,

The world remembers September 11th  because of what happened 12 years ago.  It is a day of contemplation, reverence and determination to prevent such tragedy from every happening again; however, today is also our wedding anniversary.

So, honey, I know we have to share this day with a memory that broke our hearts.  I remember our 3rd anniversary; how we didn’t answer the phone that kept ringing all morning because we stayed in bed longer than normal.  We cuddled with our 1 year-old son Chandler and contemplated what we would name the new baby growing inside my belly.  All our dreams had come true.  We had love, babies, a swimming pool (ok, maybe that was just one of my dreams come true) and each other.  What more could two people ask for?  When my mom, who had been calling all morning, finally got through to us, we turned the television on and felt the world crashing around us.  I remember feeling foolish for bringing another child into the world.  Everything felt lost.  Would our nation; our world ever be safe?  You put your arms around me and we prayed.  All we could do was hope.

This day is still very solemn for both of us, but this morning I’ve been looking through our wedding album and daydreaming.  I can remember everything like it was yesterday; the way we laughed, 
the way I bossed around the photographer, 
or what about when we tried to set up my best friend with your best friend.  

What about how the children I nannied and loved became my beautiful flower girls, 
and how my little sisters wanted to stay right at my side.
and how right from the start we both insisted on equality in our relationship.  
I guess I had to show you how strong I was!  
Mostly, I remember every kiss.
 Never had I felt more safe.  Never had I felt more loved.  

Marrying you was the best decision I ever made.  You continually surprise me with your kindness and love.  Every day you build me into a better person and I’m so happy to share eternity with you.

All my love,



  1. What sweet memories... Have a happy anniversary :)

  2. AWW. I love you guys. I was wearing your scarf as a headband on Wed. I didn't even think of that. Wild. Must've been my subconcious at work.