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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Does Anyone Remember The Barn Boutique In Gilbert?

We had a fantastic show this weekend- over $2500 in sales in just 8 hours!  We are truly enjoying participating in these vintage markets and are so grateful for those who are willing to put in the work to sponsor them.  Speaking of shows- I was curious to know if any of you local arizonans remember "The Barn"  that was located on Greenfield Road in Gilbert?  Carolyn Reidlinger was the sponsor and put on the best Boutique of it's time.  This was back in the early 1990's (maybe even late 1980's) and lasted through 2001.  The Reidlingers built a home that resembled that of an old barn   Here's what it looks like today- being used as a reception center.  Not long after, Carolyn and her husband Don purchased a real barn back east and reassembled it on the property next door to their original barn. Here's that barn today- which has been rebuilt (looks very similar though) to meet building codes for the church that purchased it from the Reidlingers.  It was at this location that history was made in the boutique industry.  The two enormous empty fields would be filled with cars when the boutique would open each October, November and December for just 3 days.  When you pulled up you could instantly smell the homemade cinnamon rolls, and tamales.  Most of the decorating pieces in my home that I won't part with (and that says a lot since I move things around weekly) are from the barn.  I would save all year so that I could go and purchase gifts and home decor.  The Reidlingers then purchased another old building, The Shenandoah Mill.  This was reassembled at a separate location, also in Gilbert.    They had a few boutiques there, but the mill soon became a reception center.  Here's a picture of the mill...

It was a sad day when the barn was sold and the boutiques ended.  September 11th had a hand in these decisions, I'm sure.  With my recent participation in these vintage markets, I have been reminiscing about the good ole days at the "The Barn"  Two weeks ago I was working on some projects for my daughter's teacher when my phone rang- "This is Carolyn Reidlinger, I got your name and number from a recent show you did in Queen Creek.  We're starting "The Barn" boutique again and wondered if you'd like to be a vendor?"  It may seem silly, but you would have thought I was being called by a magazine for my home to be photographed (a little dream I have)  I couldn't believe it!  Of course I would be a vendor!  And so,  I'm over the top excited to tell you that the Barn- Now called The Barn @ 3080 (because of it's new address) is this weekend!

Please join me in welcoming back Carolyn by attending the barn Friday or Saturday between 9-5.  This is the first one, so we need to get the word out.  Feel free to borrow any of the pictures on this post- blog, tweet, facebook and let everyone who loves shopping know- THE BARN IS BACK!  If you've ever attended one of the past barn boutiques, please leave me a comment letting me know- so I don't feel like the only one who's obsessing here.  If you can make it, stop by my tent and say hello.  Hope to see you there.  Love, Kelly.


  1. I'm in. I loved that barn boutique. I'd even be a vendor but I have nothing to sell. Sadly. :( But I can buy!

  2. Are you surprised that I loved The Barn? Didn't think so.

  3. I grew up in the neighborhood next to the Barn and went to school/church with the Reidlingers children so of course I remember the boutiques!!! That is so fun that the boutique is back...too bad I live just a bit too far away to attend

  4. It was so fun to meet you Kelly and I love my treasures. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. I was just at Merchant Square Antiques and they told me about The Barn, so happy to know they are back. I loved that old barn. So excited and cant wait to see all the treasures. Now, what weekend is it going to be?

  6. The next show is December 14 and 15th- Hope to see you there!