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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A morning walk with my son.

The morning routine around here is a bit hectic, but around 8:25, my son Chandler waits for me by the front door while I put my shoes on.  There are  many other things I might be doing that seem more important, but it is at this time I walk with him to the bus stop.
Now, the bus stop is less then a 5 minute walk.  We live in a safe neighborhood with beautiful walking weather, but this small journey from one street to the next is our time to share together.

Chandler starts talking, telling me a joke his Spanish teacher told him just yesterday or how his P.E. teacher is pushing students to run a faster mile.  He lets me know about a girl he thinks is pretty or how he wishes seminary was for 7th graders too.  It is usually at this point I talk him by the elbow and we walk arm in arm for another moment, turning by the dog that barks at the gate, then past the over-grown pomegranate tree with ripe red fruit.  I might ask him what he wants me to make for dinner or if he needs anything at the store when I go later.  And just like that, he turns to give me a hug goodbye, of course out of site of the others waiting at the bus stop, and then off he goes, my oldest son off to school.

Where does the time go, It seem like just the other day, Your eyes were barely open, And I had no words to say.

You would lay there in my arms, As you looked up at me, That's when I knew what love was, As I looked back down at thee. 
                                                                                            Richard Goolsby

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  1. Nothing is quite the same as love that tugs at our hearts when our children are born. I am glad you take that time one on one with him. It will always be something for both of you to treasure.