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Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Bird and Fried Foods

I have so many highlight of the last week, I don’t know where to start so I’ll just start.
Halloween was spook-tacular.  On Monday night, we celebrated at our church Trunk ‘or Treat with dinner and then trick or treating in the parking lot. 
Here is the gang, including a few neighbor girls and a very sad Mayer because he dressed up like a skater only to realize when we got there he's always dressed up like a skater. 
"No one will know I'm wearing a costume," he said.
I'm happy to say someone stopped Mayer mid-evening and told him he looked like a cool skater dude.  Such a compliment sure changed his mood.  I doctored up and wore my scrubs I found from Goodwill on $1.00 day. 
The kids were easy and really pulled together there own costumes, 
of course Eden needed a bit of help to pull of her ballerina look,
but it was the counselor who made it complicated by wanting to be big bird (well, not really big bird but more a political statement).  He needed me as his sketch artist and costume manager, so I got to work and drew something up on a yellow shirt he found at Goodwill.
PBS as Pull Big Bird’s Salary
Then, Wednesday night, Halloween we started all over.  I was ready for a change and at the last minute pulled out this funky lace strange shirt ($1.00 day at Goodwill again) that I would never wear any other night but Halloween.  
I asked the kids “Who do I look like?  What should I be?”  Finally, it was decided in such a shirt that looked like a dress, but even more like a ballet tutu I should be the black swan.  I’m not sure if the black swan is scary or just psychotic, but here’s my best attempt.
If you think that is scary, I should caution as you read ahead.  This weekend, the counselor suggested we do something really frightening!  
Go to the fair (remember the opposite of thrifting?  One of my favorite blog posts of all time).  The fair takes a few days for me to prepare for.  What will I feed my children?  How much money should we spend?  How much time should we waste?  I’m just kidding about that last part because it really was as much fun as I could muster.
We started with just taking it all in; the sounds, the lights, the greasy smelling food.
Suddenly Eden stopped, hesitant to go forward.  She was frozen with fright.
I took her by the hand, coaxing her to walk with us when I realized what she was staring at.
I was able to distract her with watching some good old fashion bungee jumping.
Payson begged to go bungee jumping, which says a lot about Payson's personality.  I was a mean mom and said "No!"
The rides were great.
Shouting "I love you," to the man down there holding the camera.
How excited was Reef to visit the petting zoo?
I never knew I could fall in love with a llama, but I did.
The butterfly exhibit was a huge hit.
They had us dip a q-tip in some sugar water and then we went collecting butterflies to feed.
Reef held extra still for this shot, not quite sure if he should be excited or afraid a butterfly had landed on his head.
Eden thought it was magical.
One last ride to end the evening, the giant death slide.
You too could have 4 seconds of fun for only $5.00 a turn.
And they say money can't buy happiness!
The entire fair experience smelled like fried foods.  I’m happy to say I didn’t eat a single fried item, although I did feel a bit fried when we finally left for the night.

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