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Monday, June 25, 2012

Selling My Trash

Lately, it seems, things in the My Dear Trash world have been crazy.  Crazy in a good way! Not only has craigslist been very reliable, but I've had two estate sales in the past 2 weeks, my space is nearly empty at Qcumberz and I'm completely out of merchandise!  Selling trash seems to go in phases:  The buying phase and the selling phase.  Sometimes it's hard to balance just the right amount of merchandise.  It seems I either have a houseful of stuff or nothing.  Now that my estate sales are over, hopefully I can get back out there and buy.  Here's a peek at a few of my recent sells.
I've had this Princess dresser for over a year.  I really thought I could get $300 for it, but after a few months on craigslist and then taking it to two different estate sales,  I decided to take it to the shop.  It has has been staged, restaged and staged some more.  I finally brought it home, took it to another estate sale and still no luck. I've lowered the price numerous times (accepting offers as low as $95 and then having the buyer change their mind)  I finally relisted the dresser the day before I left for Savannah for $195 and wouldn't you know it... It sold 2 days later for full price.  
This armoire is an item I was selling for a client.  It sold this week for $500.

This chair is part of a retro dinette set with table and 5 chairs.  I recently sold the chairs for $30

I really wanted to update this set of french style chairs (I had two) before selling them- I pictured them reupholstered in vintage feedsacks.  However, the cost to reupholster would make the chairs too expensive to resell and I have no room in my house to keep them.  I paid $50 for the set and resold them for $80
This tell city bench was $50 at auction.  I painted it black and hoped it would sell for $150, but finally settled for $80.  When I have a piece for more than a month I'm just ready to let it go.   So wish me luck on finding some new items- I'm doing a vintage show in a few weeks and really need to stock up.  What have you been selling lately?  Love, Kelly.


  1. I have sold Nothing! I posted that my goal was $80 / week. I'm now behind on my goal. Phooey! I have been discouraged but after reading your post I feel better. I will keep trying for awhile longer. I will rewrite some of my ads on Craigslist and lower the price on a few things.
    Thanks for posting!
    ~ Christie

    I really would like to try my hand at doing it, and have some good things to sell, but Im just chicken. On the otherhand my enbay selling has been decent lately.

  3. I love your bench. I wish you were closer.

  4. I love that you share prices. So many other bloggers won't and it's such an important part of the process.