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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oops! Paint

 Dear Home Depot Picky Paint Customers,

     I wanted to write this letter to thank you for creating such a great selection of oops! paint to chose from.  It appears the trained clerks who work behind the paint counter make mistake after mistake on your paint selections and you keep calling them out on it.  The last few weeks have been great.  Perhaps you requested a sea splash green, but instead the color was closer to a cucumber green or maybe a minted melon.  I don't mean to mock the process because I understand if the color is just one shade off.  It's insulting to the color you spent almost an hour picking out.

     Let's take the red can of paint I found last week.  Normally, a quart of premium paint runs around $15.00, but because you chose to be picky, I paid just $2.00 for it.  It was just what I've been looking for.  I wonder why you passed on it?  Perhaps you were looking more for a beet red, or maybe something more dramatic like a red pepper red or even better, red velvet. Either way, I'm glad you declined on it because I used it to paint my son Mayer his new dresser.
     He was so excited.  You should have seen his face.  I'm glad he's not too picky yet. To him, red is red.
Keep up the great work, you picky painting people. I can't wait to see what paint color I find next time I hit Home Depot.

          Happy with Paint for Cheap

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  1. you are cracking me up. Thanks for the giggle! I needed it today. ~ Christie

  2. I love oops paint! :) I got a gallon of BLACK last week!
    Your dresser looks fabulous, love that shade of red.

  3. Liked your "Ode to Oops Paint". I can't walk past the paint department at Home Despot without grabbing a can---I mean, I pay for it---off the shelf. If I knew how to accomplish it via your website, I would send you my artwork "Still Life with Black Walnuts and Oops Paint".


    Dave on the West Coast