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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pottery Barn Lobster Buoys

Last year when Mr. Right and I went to Rockport, MA for a few days I fell in love with this little boating town..I also fell in love with lobster buoys! Here they are hung all over the most photographed building in America- The Motif #1, located in Rockport.When I returned home and did a search for these- this pottery barn image popped up...

I knew these would be easy to make- but why recreate the wheel- so I did another search under blogs and found directions on how to make them at Under the Table and Dreaming. It only took me 10 months to actually do this project- you might have noticed them in my recent "An Attempt at a Pottery Barn Photo Shoot Post"
But they're done and I love how they turned out. If you'd like to make you're own- be sure to get directions from Stephanie at Under the Table by clicking the link above. Here's mine all naked like...
I painted all of mine white, then taped off the areas to receive color, used my cricut to cut stencils, and then distressed, stained the edges and glazed the whole thing with Ralph Lauren's smoke glaze. Here's some closer shots of the finished product...

I made two different sets- One in Red, white and blue to sell and the other in red, black and white to keep. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. Absolutely fantastic! These are just beautiful. :)

  2. those are really cool. I wish i had your talent

  3. I just did a post about pottery barn, how I love it, but its so overpriced & a lot of their little accent pieces can be re-created! nice work!! great for 4th of july!!

  4. They look very authentic. I'm wondering how you did a blog search. I'm very new to blogging and there's a lot I have to learn. thanks.

  5. Grammy Goodwill,
    To search images I just go to google, click images in the upper left corner. To search blogs I go to google and type in "lobster buoy blog" or "lobster buoy how to" This usually brings up several blogs. Hope that helps.