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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buy one, get one free

If there’s one thing you know about me, it’s that I love a great deal.
Buy one, get on free is a traditional marketing design to get customers to buy more because of a free incentive.
If I’m creative enough, I can find buy one, get one frees all the time at while shopping trash.
I just have to think outside the box.
Like this beautiful dresser I found last week out thrifting.
I love the claw legs and the key holes in the drawers, not to mention its French curves.
While shopping trash, I also found a boat, already inflated I might add.
A Coleman inflatable boat, perfect for my kids in the pool.
Hours of fun.
So how is this a buy one, get one free?
I paid $75.00 for the dresser.
The boat was $20.00.
I sold the dresser for $100.00 and BINGO!  It was like getting the boat for free.
Mayer is shocked! 
Let’s see how this works again.
I found this gorgeous highboy wood dresser while out garaging this weekend.
I paid $50.00 for it and sold it later that day for $85.00.
While thrifting, I found this gorgeous Hanna Andersson dress for baby princess.
While going to college, I worked as a nanny.  It was the best job ever.  All the mom's dressed their babies in gorgeous Hanna Andersson clothes.
Every once in a while, I find a Hanna Andersson dress out thrifting and I feel so lucky.
This dress didn't cost me $35.00, like a new Hanna Andersson dress would be.  I paid $1.00 for it at Goodwill, but because of the money I made off the dresser, it was like getting it for free.
Remember my European black leather couch I sold?
Here's little princess enjoying it before it was carried away.  
I love her brand-new red ballet tights, still in packaging, I found out thrifting.  
What's the buy one, get one free with this deal?
For Father's Day, I found the counselor the best gift ever.
For the man who takes out the garbage regularly, I knew he'd love a bigger garbage can.
And the Harley Davidson's stickers make it even tougher.
For $30.00 at a garage sale, I came home with this 4-foot tall industrial piece of mind.
And the counselor loves it.
Because of the money I made selling the couch, I have a gigantic garbage can for free.
I love a good buy one, get one free.

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