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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Even though it's summer here in Arizona, there are still a few yard sales and good deals to be found. Take a look at this dresser I picked up for $50. Solid wood and says made in the USA on the back!It's missing a few pieces of hardware, but I love all the little drawers. The top, middle section drawers are all lined as if to hold jewelry.
So here's my question to you... What would you do with this piece.
1. Sell as is on craigslist?
2. Paint it black, find matching hardware and paint all hardware antique bronze and keep it.
3. Number 2, but sell it? (Because I really don't have a place for it in my house- I just really like it)
4. Any other ideas?
Here's another item I picked up at the same yard sale...
Solid wood pedestal. I'd like to paint this cream and then find a really nice birdcage with a similar sized bottom and put it on the patio. What do you think? Here's a couple other little goodies...
I love this chippy bowl and glass jar with metal lid. These will probably find their way down to the shop. The bowl would look great holding some vintage croquet balls I recently purchased and I typically fill jars with vintage game pieces. Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. I personally don't like painted wood. I would leave the dresser alone and just fix the missing hardware. If I needed the money if would sell it, if not keep it and sell something else in my house.

  2. I love painted wood. So I would either do #2 or #3. Great find.

  3. I think I'd paint it and keep it. It is such a rather unusual combination of drawers that I'd want to keep it.

    Love your other finds, too!

  4. Paint it white and distress it...then I will buy it or sell it AS-IS and I will paint it. How much? I LOVE IT!

  5. Wonderful piece of craftsmanship, Love it.

  6. Paint it...not black not the other color, but some fun color!

  7. LOVE this piece. Since it looks to be pine, I would give it a heavy milky white wash. The knots tend to bleed through paint. If you can't find matching hardware you could replace the two upper corner drawer pulls with something that coordinates as well as the center small drawers.