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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The BIG Challenge Week 5

The wedding is next Friday!!!! I only have 1 more week left of the BIG challenge to earn $5,000 to pay for my daughter's wedding! Let's take a look at this weeks top ebay sellers...
Women's Chico's Travelers Size 3 (XL) Black Floral Top sold for $10.49
Women's Ann Taylor Size 0 Navy Lindsay Career Pants sold for $10.50
I love this Women's Banana Republic Size XL Gold & Orange Jacket- it sold for $15.50
This Women's Simply Vera Wang Size XL Black Knit Dress sold for $27.66
And my top seller this week? Women's Chico's Size 2 (Large) Black Velvet Crop Pants sold for $32.99. These pants have been listed for 3 weeks and were down to a $5.50 starting bid- it just goes to show how unpredictable Ebay can be. As many of you know, I also had an estate sale this weekend. We were able to empty the house and earn some cash for the homeowner. Here's how the week turned out:

Estate Sale Profits (my commission plus items of mine that sold): 1360.00
Ebay Sales: 348.85
Costs: 26.00 (clothes), 55.17(ebay fees), 26.40(paypal fees)
This Weeks Profit: 1601.28
Total Profit: 5009.36

WE MET OUR GOAL!!!! With still a week to spare! Trash has been such a blessing in our lives. Just 2 years ago I wouldn't have had any idea how to earn this kind of money in just 5 weeks. I most likely would have found myself putting the wedding on a credit card to be paid off at some future date- some distant future date. I feel empowered! But also exhausted! I'll admit it's not easy work- trying to plan a wedding that is mostly a "Do It Yourself" project and working to earn the money- but hey it only took 5 weeks and now I can relax- well, maybe after the wedding I can relax- and I won't have to look at a big fat bill when it's all over. Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this one! All I have on ebay this week are relists- With preparations for the estate sale all last week I wasn't able to shop and had no new items to list- I'll let you know how I do though- I think the extra money I earn will be used for a vacation for Me and Mr. Right. Let me know how you're doing on your own BIG challenge. Love, Kelly.


  1. Way to go! We just got back from Disneyland...guess how we paid for the trip? ;)

  2. I knew you could do it Kelly! (do you have any hair left in your head???) Planning the wedding in 6 weeks would be enough to pull my hair out! Although I do think the longer you have to plan the more complicated it becomes! Congratulations and I am sure the wedding will be beautiful!

  3. Nope, I'm not surprised either! You seem to have tremendous persistence and creativity, so the fact that you met your goal is a no-brainer. But the fact that you are also planning a gorgeous wedding is icing on the (wedding) cake. Hope there will be time to take photos and then post them here so we can all drool over the decorations.


  4. Congrats! You did it! I was at DAV and Goodwill today and pondered buying a few things to go on ebay but they just didn't seem cheap enough for me to invest. What's the highest price you would pay for a clothing item to resell? I've seen some great brands but not sure about the money part. Would love to hear from you on this. Looking forward to hearing all about the upcoming wedding.

  5. Kelly -- You seem to consistently find some very nice items to list. Where do you find them? I go to thrift stores and do garage sales and I find some nice things, too, but not so consistently.

    What prices do you pay at thrift stores?

  6. Congratulations on making your goal! May you have a wonderful and joyful time at your daughter''s paid- for wedding.

  7. Woo-hoo! Congratulations! So inspiring!
    I'd love to know too what your limits are as to how much you'll pay for an item. I've seen some nice things at our Goodwill, but they were still priced at $4.29 (for a top), and around $4 I think for a skirt. Even though our Goodwill has .99 days it is only for a specific colored tag (they rotate colors each week so the sale items are the ones that have been there for 5 weeks or so) and I have a hard time finding anything that would be worthwhile reselling.

  8. Jane of all trades and Jennifer B,
    I don't like to pay more than $1.00 for ebay clothing items. On dollar day I only look at the items that have the $1.00 color tag. I occasionally will pay $2.00 at a garage sale if it's a really nice dress. The exception is when I trade my $1.00 clothing in at an exchange store- and receive store credit. Here I will pay $21.00-$28.00 for a anthropologie dress or Diane Von Furstenburg (however it really is only costing me 5-7 of my $1.00 items to get that credit) By nature, I'm cheap, and I'd recommend not paying more than $1.00 unless you're really certain it's a big seller.

    I shop ALL thrift stores, garage sales and clothing exchange stores. Some weeks are better than others, but you have to be picky!

  9. I know this is super corny. I don't even know you, but I was reading this and thinking, "I am so proud of her!"

    I really am. I am proud of what a great example you are for women on this blog. With a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box we can accomplish pretty much anything we set our minds to.

    Can. Not. Wait. for the wedding details. The last one you worked on was just so lovely!

  10. You're awesome, Kelly! Great job accomplishing your goals.

    Have fun at your daughter's wedding, and remember to take your time to just enjoy the moment. Best wishes!