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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Exercise While Intermittent Fasting

In the intermittent fasting community, exercising while fasting can help turn up your weight loss. If it’s been 12 hours since you last ate something, your body is starting to switch over from burning food as fuel to fat as fuel. If an intermittent fast is 16 hours, you have 4 hours of fat-burning time. If you start your fast at 8pm, half of your fast happens while you’re sleeping. 
Isn't that awesome!
Intermittent fasting takes exercise up to a whole new level!

Because I’m practically Old Mother Hubbard over here, my exercise schedule has been all over the place. Since having Ruby, I’ve been going to the gym from 9:00pm to 10:00pm most nights. True, I quickly jumped back into working out partly to get away from a very busy nighttime schedule over here and unfortunately, by the time I got back from the gym very little has been done to get the kids to bed, so I knew this wasn’t a permanent fix, but I’ve been working out after eating dinner and it hasn’t been the best. Trust me, I appreciate anything I can get at this point, but comparing that to exercise while fasting, dang, I don’t  ever want to go back to exercise after eating a meal! But, during the school year, school starts so early for my elementary kids that a morning workout is going to need to start around 6am!! I’m trying to get myself prepared!

For now, it’s summer, so I have teenagers who are here if the baby wakes up while I’m out and morning workouts have been starting around 8:00am. I'm 12 hours into my fast, so I should be burning fat by this time.

Still a little bit of shade!

Exercise while fasting has been awesome, hands down the best thing every, truly is helping me change up my weight loss journey. I have a ways to go, but feel so encouraged.!!

 Day date with my honey!

I start my morning with a cup of cold herbal tea and use stevia to sweeten it. I make this berry tea at night, put it in my fridge and by morning, it's so full of flavor, my kids think it's juice. I love this tea so much, I'm working with the manufactor from India to sell it on my store My 100 Daughters.  I found the container at TJ Maxx.

When I leave out the door I wear a hat, I have my 2-pound hand weights, my trusty full-out-nerd fanny pack synced up tight and it’s holding my bottle of water with ice, head phones and my phone set on a motivational/podcast/ebook/course. I like to chew spearmint gum, keeps my mouth from getting dry.

I’m gone for about an hour, usually a bit longer because I’m having such a great time. When I come home, I drink another cup of herbal tea and fast until noon. It’s so rewarding. Let me know what you think about exercise and fasting? Do you like it?

More research? Check out this article. And this one too.

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  1. I am doing intermittent fasting as well, and appreciate your insight on exercise with IF:)