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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If awards were handed out to parents at the end of the school year

I’m really proud of my boys for all their accomplishments this year – 

Chandler with his writing/Engish award and outstanding GPA

and Payson for his track and field accomplisments, perfect attendance and Hale hero award. 

I started thinking about what it takes to actually stand out in these wonderful schools our children attend.  There are so many good, smart kids.  These kids inspire me.  They work so hard and have a maturity and understanding I never had when I was a kid their age. 

As I sat in the auditorium I wondered what about the parents? Sure, we play a huge part in our kid’s accomplishments and overall outlook on life, but what if we were monitored, tested, compared and evaluated?  What would we be awarded for?  So, here are some awards I'd like to suggest for the time-crunched, stressed-out, exhausted, run-out-the-door-without-brushing-your-teeth-so-your-kid-gets-to-school-on-time parent!
  And the award goes to . . .

Waking up in the morning with a good attitude?  I’m not sure if I’d be selected for this one.  If there was an award for just waking up? Probably!

Not running out of milk for cereal.  Nope, I wouldn’t get that one either.  Although I always have some sort of milk be it soy, almond, coconut or rice, those don’t qualify.  Cow’s milk is the only one my kids want.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run through the sprinklers in the morning to help
Reef get his bike out of the side yard.   What award would that be?  Sprinkler runner?
Of course, all this is done barefoot in my pajamas. Does that make me gifted?

What about taking homework up to the school my kid forgot?  Does that make me a homework runner?  Do I get an award if I’ve done that successfully?

Remembering lunch money award?  Stuffing a $20 dollar bill in their pocket and praying it gets to the teacher before it’s lost somewhere on the playground.

What about last minute project completer?  I always have extra carpenter’s glue, spray paint and an array of small items that if necessary can be used to complete an Egyptian pyramid tomb.  Keeping an array of hodge-podge "someday I'll need that" items really pays off after 10:00 pm weeknights.  

Speed-read participation form signer?  If the school wants to take my kid to a fish farm, yes, please!  Why would I protest?  I don’t even need to read these forms anymore and never take the time to fill in work/cell/home phone.  I only have one number, so that cuts down on time stat! 

Doughnut delivery for 28 students plus one teacher?  I’ve never forgot my kid’s birthday.  Bonus points for not eating a doughnut in the car while driving from the store to the school? Nailed it!

And lastly, the clean socks award.  Now that doesn’t mean I would win the matching socks award, no that would go to someone else, but at least my kids socks are clean (most of the time).

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