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Friday, May 16, 2014

Enjoying Mother's Day all week

These little treasures of mine sure made my Mother’s day special.  

I was emotional with every homemade card, the little dandelions Reef picked me and the spontaneous hugs. Here's Reef reading me a Mother's day card, obviously anxious to get out into the pool once he's finished!

I took my mom out Friday for some shopping and dinner later.  And it was just the two of us as the  boys were at a father/son camp out & Eden was playing with a friend.  It was like a real Mother's day date!

On Mother’s Day Sunday, we took vegetable lasagna and fresh peach cobbler to my in-laws and loved on them for the afternoon.  

Later in the day, the boys and I took off into the sunset for a family bike ride. 

I can get so sentimental about bike rides.  I remember this as one of the highlights of my childhood, riding around the neighborhood with my own parents and feeling such freedom.  The last family bike ride we had Mayer complained we'd gone too far and was tired.  Payson was thirsty and we didn't have any water.  Chandler's bike was a bit too big and Reef wiped out by the canal.  He cried and had to ride his bike all the way back home with a sore bottom.  Still, the sentiment remains.  I just love the freedom, the wind, the casual motion and waving hello to neighbors even if my kids are miserable (just joking about that last part!).  
I am happy nothing traumatic to report about my Mother's Day bike ride, except I had a flat tire.  I was walking the bike home, when someone with a generated pump stopped and filled up my tire enough so I could ride it home.

I found this lovely Sandra Darren dress at Goodwill for $5.00.  New, it would sell for $80.00.  I love the front pockets.  Another dress to add to project:USED.  

And finished up a few pieces of furniture for the shop at Antique Plaza.  

Mother’s Day week didn't mean slowing down, it just meant a few more kisses along the way.

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  1. Lovely post on Mother's Day. Your bike adventure was enjoyable - I'm sure you were thinking "Can anything else go wrong?" Beautiful furniture pieces.

  2. My most favorite Mother's Day gifts were dandelions.

  3. Hey Laura:

    Happy Mothers to You! It's been awhile since I've commented or run into you. I had another baby! A beautiful boy now 9 months old.

    Finally got around to seeing your Project: Used video. What a great idea. You are amazing!