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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Vicky Tiel Vintage Dress

It was Saturday night and I spent a few minutes cleaning up.  My make-up, only used two times a week; for date night and church on Sunday was quickly put on my face.  In almost an instant, I brushed through my hair.
What to wear?
What    to    wear? 

I had just picked up a dress at Goodwill on half-off day.  It was a bit funky - vintage perhaps but not cool vintage quite yet?  More like late 1980's - something a Duran Duran model would wear in a music video from that era.  I almost didn't get it, but I understand the wonder of a beautiful wrap-around.  For $5.00, I bought it.

It was a little too fancy for a typical date night in the Mesa/Gilbert area.  The counselor and I usually hit up Oregano's or Pita Jungle, but I took a chance.  I've been so excited for project:USED I seek out unusual dresses just for the heck of it.  I want as many crazy cool used dresses I can get my hands on.  For more information on project:USED and my desire to raise awareness and offer help to victims of sexual abuse , click here.

I put the dress on and instantly felt like a disco light turned on in a dark room.  The colors were amazing - they were perfect for how I felt.  The fabric was soft, but durable.  The wrap formed perfectly around my shape.  I loved it.

I opted for a pair of high heals and out we went.

Love was in the air!  Why did I feel so lovely - like a model walking the streets of Paris?

I smiled at perfect strangers and kept seeing photo potentials everywhere.  What was it?  It certainly was my date' he's pretty special, but it was more then that.

It was the dress.  I knew it was the dress.  I loved the dress.  People stopped and commented on the lovely thing.  I twirled a time or two.  I loved the dress.

Later that night, I just had to know.  What was it about the dress?  Who designed it?  I knew it was something special, but I knew I'd  be surprised.  I love being surprised.

Vicky Tiel vintage dresses, priced anywhere from $600 to $1,100.
Here's a little bit about that girl, Vicky Tiel (she's awesome).

As the "it" girl of the sixties, Tiel's signature dress designs made women feel and look great in their corseted draped dresses that flatter the curves of a woman's body. Tiel's couture designs have been sold exclusively in Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus for over thirty years, worn by everyone from her partner and backer of her boutique in Paris, Elizabeth Taylor, to Goldie Hawn, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey.

Tiel wrote her memoir in 2011,"It's All About the Dress", published by St Martins Press and she has a fashion- art -couture blog on the Huffington Post. 

Yes, I knew there was something special about that dress.


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  2. Awesome dress!!! Wow, for $5 what a steal. You may not want to part with it, but you could probably sell it on ebay for a nice chunk of change! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  3. This is actually one of her more recent wrap dresses from HSN. She is still selling them. Found one like yours on ebay here: