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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ordinary is Beautiful

A few weeks ago, my son Mayer came home with an assignment from school – he was to read an historical fiction book and present a report to the class. He had a long list of approved books.  I’ve always loved Laura Ingalls Wildier, possibibly because we share the same name.  I have all her books here in the home, so Mayer picked out Little House in the Big Woods

We immediately started reading.  His expression was so sweet when he realized the main character’s name was Laura.  “Like your name,” he said.  We read about the difficult tasks of collecting and preparing foods, hunting and staying warm, surviving confrontations with bears and beehives.  It was a wild world out their, but the real life lesson was the time I spent with my son.  Mayer wanted to read everyday, but primarily to cuddle.  It was our time; just him and I.
A few days ago, a friend of mine (thanks, Dyan) shared this passage written by author William Martin.

Wow, did I need to read this.  This world is moving so fast and my children are changing every day.  I can barely keep up.

When Mayer received his assignment, I didn’t think I had the time to read an entire book with him. What I learned is I must make the time, for that is the best gift I can give my children – my time. 

What was so wonderful is Chandler offered to paint a couple things for me while I was reading with Mayer.  Check out this little beauty he finished.  

And Payson helped with this piece.  I only helped with the distressing and staining.  
Way to go, Chandler and Payson.

We squeezed in time to attend family math night at the school.  

And Eden played dress up with the countless dresses I’ve collected for project:USED.  

To read more about project:USED and my campaign to raise awareness for sexual abuse, click here.  
Have a great weekend.
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