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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye Qcumberz, Hello Antique Plaza

How often do I conduct self-inventory on my life?  You know, those little conversations you have in your head where you question motives, decisions and priorities?  Sometimes the voice speaking back isn’t very realistic, hopeful or kind while other days the skies the limit and your dreams seem within reach.  You think you have unlimited resources and time; you can do it all!

For example, I thought I would hold true to a promise I'd made with the kids to let them get another dog.
Sure, I could keep up with all the demands of the little endeavor (or so I thought).  
Yeah, that didn't turn out too well and I ended up giving the very large dog to a friend of mine who lives up in Payson.
After some time, the kids had another idea and the smaller dog seemed to be a better fit.

And so it is for selling trash, somethings stick and some things don't.

As you know, I have had a space at Qcumberz for over two years. It has been a blast and I’ve met so many wonderful people.  
Qcumberz is in downtown Phoenix, about a 45 minute commute from my home.  

Last fall, I started making a few calls to vintage shops in the east valley near my home, thinking it would be great to be in two valley locations.  My trash at Qcumberz was selling well and I wondered what other opportunities could I drum up?  I called Antique Plaza, a shop about 10 minutes away and was told they didn’t have any space available to rent.  I thanked the manager for her time, but before hanging up asked if she would call me is something became available soon.  I shared my name and gave her my phone number when the manager asked if I wrote on the blog My Dear Trash
“Yes, that’s me,” I said, surprised she knew about my blog. 
“We would love to have you at Antique Plaza.  I run several vignettes throughout the store, but will consolidate my stuff so you can have some space.  When would you like to move it?”

So, in October 2011 I moved into Antique Plaza on Main St. and Center in downtown Mesa.  

For about six months, I ran both locations.  I worked on evenings and weekends to keep the spaces stocked, but last month I knew I’d reached a point where I couldn’t squeeze anything else into my life without pushing something out.  I wasn’t willing to make compromises on family time and workouts, cooking healthy dinners and reading bedtime stories, plus I was tired, really tired, so I had a decision to make.  Even with all it had to offer, I decided it was time to move on from Qcumberz. 

Things have been really busy at Antique Plaza and I love the quick commute back and forth.  Here are a few things I’ve found recently to fill my space.

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  1. Laura -- What do you make per month by selling at an antique mall, on average? I'm thinking about doing the same thing here in the east, but want to make sure it's worth my time before I go to all that work.