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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

They can't all be $1.00

You know of my love affair with great thrift store clothes.  For me, it's the only way to shop.  I've realized I have a short attention span for clothes.  I want it, I buy it and wear it a few times, but really I just want to get back out there and buy a bunch more stuff.  That's the beauty of thrift store shopping.  I donate money to great non-profits in our communities, help the environment and spend pennies on the dollar if I were to shop retail.

I search out blogs to see what other people have found too.  I love the creativity, the beauty and expression of what others are doing out their with their finds.

Whenever I receive a compliment on something I'm wearing, I always break it down.

-"I got this for $1.00 at Goodwill."
-"My shoes were $4.00 at D.I."
-My necklace was from a garage sale."

I don't even breathe between sentences.  I just get so excited.  One day it occurred to me maybe everybody doesn't want to hear everything about where I got all my trash and what I paid for it.  I'll compare it to an experience I had with my son Payson when he was younger.

I remember one day Payson was making faces at his little brother Mayer.  At first Mayer was amused, but very quickly became irritated.  I asked Payson to stop once, then again.  He continued squinting his face into silly shapes with googly eyes and strange sounds.  Finally, I had him come to the bathroom and look at himself in the mirror.  Upset at him disobeying me, I told him to make the faces at himself. He seemed quite amused and didn't seem to get the point I was making.  Finally I said, "Payson, why are you making faces at Mayer? Would you want somebody to make faces like that at you."  He looked at me and honestly answered "Yes."

So, there you have it.  Yes, I love telling others who/what/where/when of all my trashy finds (and thank you for bearing with me).   Of course Goodwill's $1.00 day totally rocks.  Check out this gorgeous dress I paid a $1.00.  Eden's dress was $2.99.
It just gets me all motivated to go shopping again when I find $1.00 dresses like this one.  
I like to make hair clips out of vintage silk flowers I find.  The girl is handy with a glue gun!
Occasionally I find something for my son Reef.
Just kidding, I buy him all sorts of stuff.  Check out his great Sunday attire he wore last week, all from thrift stores, even down to the Kenneth Cole leather shoes.
My 100% silk dress was $7.00 and worth every penny (hey, they can't all be $1.00).  My vintage beads were from a garage sale (there I go again)! 

F.Y.I. New favorite song alert:
Let My Words Be Few by Phillips, Craig and Dean
This song comes on and I spy Eden across the room. Without saying a word, she runs into my arms and we start twirling.  That's what this world needs; more spontaneous twirling.  It makes us so happy.


  1. Love the floral dress. Love the silk dress too LOL! I too am in love with a good thrift store adventure.

  2. I get more compliments on clothes I buy at the thrift store than clothes I buy new. There is nothing better than finding a Talbots or some other fancy brand for mere pennies.

  3. You look great!! Those outfits are wonderful!
    I wish our Goodwills had dollar racks. Here in Michigan jeans with holes in the knees sell for 6.99( kids and adult jeans). Thanks for sharing all your great finds! Love your posts!!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not alone in the ability to remember where and how much I paid for GW (family name for Goodwill!)deals and garage sale finds! AZ is the best place to live to find deals, I miss it since I've moved out of state, so enjoy it for me!

  5. I find some of my greatest clothing bargains at yard sales. We have an Ann Taylor store in town and many garage sales have Ann Taylor clothes at 50c or $1. It's lovely! They pay the high prices retail and I get to buy it for 50c!

    I'd love to read about others who shop thrift and post their thrifty finds on their blogs. Do you have a list, so I can start following them too?

    Love your posts, Laura!