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Saturday, June 1, 2013

8 Day Count Down To Walla Walla Washington's Vintage Market

We're on an 8 day count down before we pull our 30 foot trailer out of our Arizona driveway for Walla Walla Washington.  
 This will be my first out of state show and we're super excited.  We're packing up 5 of the kids and as much stuff as we can fit in the back of our pick up and in every crevice of the sleeper trailer to participate as vendors at the Love Of Junk vintage market.  If things don't get too crazy these last few days, I'm going to try and post a few of the treasures I'm taking.  I just finished these two French dressers...

Let me know if we have any fans that will be attending the market, I will have a special surprise for any My Dear Trash followers that attend.  Love, Kelly.


  1. Good luck and safe travels! I hope the event goes well for you. Wish we could drop by - I was born/raised on Whidbey Island and miss the area daily. If you're into canning and hopefully have an empty trailer after the event, you'll be in prime produce land. Also, if you're heading through the Seattle area, Dick's Drive in is a must-stop. Best old fashioned burgers. Haven't had one in 10 years and I still have dreams about them. It's a walk up style and the clerks all do the math in their heads...they also used to be cash only but not certain if that's the case all these years later. Hope you don't mind the unsolicited travel guide info. LOL

    Happy sales!

  2. Shannon, thanks so much for the information. We are actually making this a family trip and need to know all those fun stops to make- any other ideas you have would be appreciated. We're going to spend some time in Utah and Idaho as well. Thanks again for the tips.

  3. Kelly! Have a great trip! I may come see you there, I live in Seattle but am from Eastern WA and had no idea about this show; we may have to make a trip over the mountains for this!

    Drive through Leavenworth! It's a Bavarian themed town (my hometown) and it's not too far from Walla Walla! Great for family, fun places to eat and shop and BEAUTIFUL!

    Good luck and maybe we will come meet you!

  4. Some AMAZING antique shops in Cashmere & Wenatchee as well!

  5. Samantha, I would love to see you there! I really appreciate the information as well- we will definitely be checking out the antique shops. Hope to see you there.