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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Easiest Question I Ever Had To Answer

Almost 16 years ago, I was asked a question by the sweetest person I know.
He asked if I would marry him.
After the Easter pageant at the Mesa Temple, he showed the kids where and how he asked me to marry him all those years ago.  I think my kids were paying attention because later Chandler said "That's where I'm going to propose to my wife some day," and he pointed out a beautiful bench near a flower garden.
My heart still melts for this man I married.

This Easter weekend was wonderful with two Easter egg hunts on Saturday and two on Sunday.
What is it about Easter candy?
It just ends up everywhere, like that awful plastic Easter grass.  Let's just say, there's random jelly beans on the living room floor and those left over candy pieces in the kids baskets have been picked over.

My dishwasher has been on the outs, so I did a quick scan to see what was out there.  There was a used BOSCH dishwasher for $200.  The owner said it was in her mother's home and her mother had just been moved into a retirement community.  It sounded like a great deal (considering they sell new for around $750), but I couldn't get down to Chandler before it sold (about 25 miles away).  Well, a few hours later I did another craigslist search and found a used BOSCH dishwasher for $25 just down the street from me.  The guy said he'd just purchased a home and was replacing all the appliances with stainless steal.  My brother Sam picked it up.  It's installed and works great.  Thank you and thanks to the missionaries who came by just as I was taking the used dishwasher out to my car.  Yep, they volunteered to help with the heavy load.
I was able to finish up a beautiful mint green dresser last week and it already sold at Antique Plaza.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend.
Here's a peak at my new ring tone; a gorgeous song by Brandon Heath called I'm Not Who I Was.  Whenever someone calls, I don't want to answer because I love to be inspired by this beautiful message.

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  1. I don't often search out new artists, but I wanted to let you know that I've loved both of the recent ones you've included on your blog, both Nathan Pacheco and Brandon Heath. Thank you for sharing their beautiful and calming voices. Don't know how long it would be efore I heard and enjoyed them. :)