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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sometimes I wish I had a bigger house to accommodate all this amazing trash I find.
I would have totally kept this buffet if I had the room.
See how the sunlight is shining down on it, like God Himself loves this cute piece of vintage beauty too.  Maybe it's the butterfly fixtures that make it so special.  
This Ethan Allen dresser and French dresser would've been precious in Eden's room, but she already has beautiful furniture in there.
These two pieces were not purchased as a set, but somehow the both ended up pink.
Thank heavens I have two shops to keep my addiction fed; one at Qcumberz in Phoenix and the other at Antique Plaza in Mesa, both booth #52.
Here's a few more beauties I had to sadly depart with.
I was just dying to paint something bright red.
This piece was painted with a paprika.
Even experimenting with color is a blast.
It's like I develop a relationship and then turn around and say goodbye.
I'm sure they are going to happy homes.


  1. They are all lovely. The pink and orange really caught my eye!

  2. I know I do not stop by to comment here as much as I should, but I do follow along with your trash to treasure adventures fairly regularly. I stopped by today, specifically, to tell you gals that I nominated you for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Your creativity astounds me!

    If you care to take a look at what I wrote about you, my post is here: Thanks for being inspiring and bringing a smile to my face!

    Cheers, Brandy

  3. Loved the PINK. Made me look around and see what I could Paint Pink in my home :)

  4. Hey Pretty Lady:

    I'm like Brandy--not commenting like I should.

    I really see an improvement in your technique, Laura, since I first started reading your blog. The colors are saturated and the pieces look very professional. (This isn't meant as a criticism, just that it's really obvious you are a professional painter and renovator now!) :)

    Glad things are good with you.

    I miss Kelly's diy projects--she must be really busy these days!

    Take care,