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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My brother Matthew Hinze - Open Book

I have four younger brother; four wonderful younger brothers. 
This is my brother Matthew.  
His nickname since he was a young boy has been “gentle giant.”
Here he is being loved on by my sister Rachel before she left on her mission to Argentina.  
He’s a 6’2 state championship football player full of love.
He’s also a song writer.
Over the last few years, Matthew has been working on his first album titled Open Book.  He is very gifted vocalist and guitarist.  I would categorize his music as somewhat Paul Simon, a bit of Neil Young and an influence of John Mayer.  It’s easy listening and very thought provoking.  His music has a lot of depth. 

While Matthew was in town I asked if I could take some pictures of him.  One afternoon, we drove out to the desert and snapped a few photos.
I love photography, but the only way my pictures turn out at all is because of Google's photo shop program Picasa. 
Here’s the before:
A bit washed out and difficult to see his gorgeous face.
And here’s the after with the help of Picasa:
I love how the wood comes to life behind him.  
I have a few CD’s to give away of Open Book.  Please leave a comment below and I’ll use a random generator to select a few of you.
 He also wrote the music for my book trailer of The Memory Catcher.  
Click here to listen.


  1. Sounds great, Laura!!!!!! Sign me up! Love that kind of music.

  2. I would love a chance to win! I love the music for the book trailer!

  3. Great pictures of Matthew. I would enjoy his type of music.

    Claudia in KS

  4. Wonderful music! Talent and creativity must run in your family!

    I'd love to win.

    Sharon in NJ

  5. I would love to have a copy! I follow your blog regularly! Love your creativity!

  6. I LOVE Matt's music! I've been listening to the cd he gave me four years ago and am so glad to find this blog! I've lost contact with him but would LOVE to get another cd and help support his claim to fame

  7. Eu adorei receber o cd de Matt, aqui no Brasil onde ele serviu missao, ele é muito talentoso e seu espirito incrivel cativa as pessoas, desejo sucesso na música, pois ele arrebenta!