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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday and A "Comment" Party!

Evidently, my trial period for "Linky" expired- so I thought I'd do a comment party to find out if you want us to continue- Just list your link to your project, trash to cash, revamp, etc. in the comments section. If we get more than 8 comments and entries I'll go ahead and get the linky going again for next time. It's hard to know what the readers of my dear trash enjoy- so if you like "Trash to Cash" and the Linky- leave us a comment and let us know. I had a great trash to cash week! I sold my first RV and the estate sale was excellent. Here's my top ebay sellers for the week...
I had to share this orange polyester suit with you. I picked it up for $1.00- didn't recognize the brand, but since it was new with tags I took a chance. Women's NWT Metrostyle Size 14 Orange Pant Suit sold for $9.99
Women's American Eagle Size 0 Blue Eyelet Cotton Dress 11.02
Women's Gap Size M Denim Jacket 12.05
Women's Levis Size 9 Too Superlow 524 Red Shorts $15.11
Women's Ann Taylor Size 6 Mint Green Linen Dress 16.50. I made a little over $300 on ebay this week with only 25 new items listed- can't complain about that! Please let us know how you're doing, we love to hear from you. Love, Kelly.


  1. Do you list auctions or were these BIN? My best seller this week was actually off of ebay. I got $45 for some Bratz dolls I listed on craigs list. Here are my top sellers for the week

  2. Ha! I just found a Metro Style suit too and I have no idea who it is. The best part is it looks like a pimp suit for a girl. What is with this company, they are a teeny tiny bit weird.:) Hmmm top seller this week would be a box lot of Madeira napkins for $50.00

  3. My best seller for the week was a Talbot's 100% silk womens tank, size 16 that sold for $10.00...I bought it for 25cents. YAY! lol

    I've been meaning to ask, how long do y'all list your items for and are there certain days you list on so that your items will end on certain days?

    Thanks again for all your inspiration and help.

    Peace & Love,

  4. My best sellers were 3 Zenergy jackets (one NWOT and one NWT) - I bought all three for $18 at a local thrift store and sold them for $25 each - so $57 profit! I'll take it!

  5. My best seller was an Ann Taylor NWT skirt I got for $3 and it sold for $25.
    I love your blog!!!

  6. Barb,
    I always do the 7 day listing. I list on Monday mornings just because that' the time that works for me.

    I typically only do auctions style listings- occasionally I'll add a buy it now price.

  7. I do not link up personally but enjoy clicking through the link ups and reading what people find to sell and their successes/mistakes. They inspire me to quietly do the same on a level I'm comfortable with.

    Teresa - Maine

  8. Love reading trash to cash.
    I dont sell much on ebay right now, just now getting back into it but I love, love, love your blog.
    Would love to learn more about the linky thing

  9. love the linky. I didn't do much listing last week mostly relists so my sales were low. I need to get on the ball.

  10. Ok, I'm commenting. I LOVE Trash to Cash, but odn't care about linking. However, I really, really, REALLY miss you sharing the stuff you sell on Craigslist. Lke stuff you re-do and make look amazing. Also, really miss your garaging finds. Just sayin.

  11. Hey girls:

    I don't sell stuff and wouldn't use the linky but I like seeing what others link.

    (but I do buy amazing things on CL for super cheap--like a 8 x 10 gorgeous pottery barn rug I bought for $50 last night!)

    Anyway, I like everything you post. And, I'm with Allyson---I miss seeing your creativity that is always so inspiring.

    But, I also understand that you might be in a different phase right now and doing less DIY stuff.


  12. I've still got things going on Ebay at the moment. A pair of Keds that I paid a dollar for are at $8.49 for the moment. Also a pair of Arizona jeans that were given to us but we couldn't use are at $4.99. I like sharing and seeing what ya'll are doing but I don't always post my ebay successes or failures and therefore don't have anything to link. So for my vote, you could go either way. If I just happen to have some great sales and want to post then I might link but otherwise I would just check out what everyone else has done. Was this all too wordy? Anyway, just do what's best for you.

  13. Can you do linky without listing your own blog? Because I don't have a trash blog and probably won't start one. But, I LOVE reading about what others are doing.

    This week, a set of Grey's Anatomy scrubs sold for $34.00. I paid $5.00 for them at a thrift store. Two weeks ago, I paid $2.50 for GA scrubs at the same thrift store, and sold them for $22.

    My high seller last week was a White House Black Market Formal Halter Dress w/ Pants that sold for $20.51.

    If I have a vote, I say please let's write all our success stories in the comments section of your post, like we are doing now. They are so easy to read.

  14. My best seller this week was a pair of FABRIZIO GIANNI pants that I paid 50-cents and sold for $25.00. I'd never heard of this brand but they *felt* high quality. I found out these pants sell new for over $100. I had them listed at $45 with a best offer since I wasn't sure how well they resell. Since I'd paid so little, I accepted the best offer.

    The linky idea was nice but there wasn't too much participation. Looks like leaving a comment works better. I love reading folks' success stories!

  15. I love reading about everyone's successes! But since I don't currently have time to write a blog, I can't participate in a linky either. My best sale this week was a pair of $5 Doc Marten Black/White checked boots that sold for $29.99. I am interested in changing over from auction style to an ebay store but am unsure if that's as profitable? What have ben other people's experiences. I list about 50 items per week, and sometimes more with relists. Any thoughts?

  16. I like the linky party just because it keeps me writing on my blog. I have trouble getting inspired to keep it going. I also like seeing what others have had success/problems with. But, the comments party works fine too.

    My top seller this week was a Charlotte Russe Black & White Halter dress that sold for $16.50. I paid $1 at a yard sale.

  17. I love your blog! I've been lurking for a few months now and this question may have been answered already, but I haven't seen and any men's clothing you have listed on ebay. Have you had any luck with them or do they just not sell? Are women's clothing a better bet to list on ebay?

  18. Hi Kelly,
    I have actually linked up a few times in the last month...I didn't last week because I was out of town. I have to admit, linking up to you was the only reason I've posted on my blog recently. However, it seems as though I'm in the minority. Regardless, I look forward to all of yours and Laura's posts!!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspiration. :)