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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Perfect Anniversary!

Mr. Right and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, July 14. Last year, we had an amazing meal at Elements at the Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.
It's a beautiful spa resort nestled in camelback mountain. The food was so memorable that we decided to visit for our anniversary again this year. Here's a little peek at the inside.
Our reservation was for 7:30, a little late for us since we usually have dinner at 5:15, but the perfect time to see the sunset. Elements provides the most amazing views- with a complete wall of windows.
Each meal looks like a work of art and tastes incredible. The prices are what you'd expect for this type of venue (okay it's crazy expensive) but we did have two waiters and an unforgettable time. Meanwhile, our girls we're trying to plan something special for our anniversary, but apparently having an estate sale scheduled for the morning after "messed things up"- so they let us know they rescheduled for this week and warned us not to make any plans Thursday night. Last night at 5:oopm we were told to pack an overnight bag and prepare for further instruction. After packing we were handed a letter with driving instructions. It didn't take long for us to realize we were heading straight to The Sanctuary! Not for dinner, but to stay the night! When we arrived at our "Mountain Casitas" This is how it looked...
Amazing. Our girls had visited the room earlier in the day and had left some personal touches- Red roses with petals sprinkled through-out the room, chocolate covered strawberries, a special nighty for me, all of our favorite snacks (bottled rootbeer, almond joys, loft sugar cookies) and a picnic dinner (sub sandwiches, homemade potato salad, fruit kabobs, and BBQ chips) It was truly a heavenly sight. We spent hours eating, watching the sunset and just relaxing. The next morning we visited the pool...
The largest infinity pool in Arizona. Imagine our surprise when we ran in to friends who live just a few houses away from us. After fun conversation it was time for Mr. Right and I to pack up and go home. I'm so grateful to our girls who were so thoughtful to give us what we're always asking for, "Peace and Quiet" It's been an unforgettable 21 years with Mr. Right- can't wait to see what's to come.
Boy, Do I love that Man! Love, Kelly.


  1. That infinity pool looks fantastic! What an amazing gift your daughter's gave, even down to the tiniest of details--everything was so thoughtful.
    Absolutley love your blog!

  2. It all looks fabulous. Happy Anniversary Kelly (& Mr. Right). You are raising some wonderful children...

  3. Aww congratulations! I think it's special to see how your children have grown up and care enough to plan such a treat for you!

  4. You two are an adorable couple and have the sweetest kids. You have a beautiful love story. Happy Anniversary.

  5. Wow! That sounds like an incredible anniversary. Sometimes I think, "Oh, how fun it would be to go to Hawaii." But really even one night in a special place like that with all the "personal" touches sounds great to me. I'll have to save this and let my kids read it in about say 10 years when they would be old enough to work up a deal like yours. ;) Happy Anniversary!

  6. Great story, Kelly, thanks for sharing. Agree with other posts!

    And so happy to see that you posted your trash finds. :)