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Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Swing by Laura Lofgreen

It’s been 6 years since I started writing my Christmas novel THE SWING and thanks to my amazing editor Kimberly Robrecht Clement, her coaching and encouragement, (and support from so many others like Calliope Coaching and my mom author Sarah Hinze ) I finally see the end in sight.

Here's a peek:

As the eastern star pierces through a silent night in Bethlehem, Anna, the inn-keeper's daughter, hides the gallant prisoner she’s rescued from the Roman army and hopes she doesn’t suffer the same fate that killed her mystic mother.

I have a few more chapters to complete, but I’m amazed and humbled how much I truly did not know understand about the Christmas story.

What was it like to live during this time?

Let me tell you, God did not waste a single detail of the birth of Jesus Christ, after all, He is the greatest storyteller of all time.

From swaddling clothes and shepherds in the fields to Jewish customs, Bethlehem, wicked King Herod and so much more, every part of this story, like a parable, has deep, spiritual meaning.

Researching the Jewish religion, analyzing maps and learning more about the Bible has been incredible (and I’m certainly not an expert), but what has me most perplexed is studying the history of Israel, Rome and the political turmoil of that time.

Jerusalem Sunrise

There are so many parallels between their trials and our current day.

Massacre of the innocents - 
when wicked King Herod sentenced all the baby boys two and younger to death.

Corrupt King Herod's sentencing his wife Mariamne to death

If the Christmas story has anything to teach us, it is the answer to our current state of affairs is the same answer as theirs – we need the Savior to come.

Artwork by Jon McNaughton

Here is just a sampling of some of the questions I’ve asked and needed to understand (some have absolutely left me in awe) as I followed the love story of my main characters: Anna, the Inn Keeper’s daughter and Ezra, the nephew of King Herod.

How far was Bethlehem from Jerusalem?
When were matches invented?
In the Old Testament, what sin was punishable by death?
Where did King Herod keep his prison?
How far is Egypt from Jerusalem?
Did they use bowls in the Old Testament?
What gate did Herod use to enter Jerusalem?
What metal did they use in the Bible?
What were the names of Herod’s sons?
What was the robe called that the men wore in the Bible?
What was the shawl called that women wore in the Bible?
What are the names of the different Jewish sects in the Bible?
Map of Israel
What did a traditional stable look like in Bethlehem?
What is sackcloth?
Did a king wear a crown in the bible?
Where is Judea?
What is a tefillin?
What is a tallit?
What did tassels represent?
Is a fleece blanket made out of lamb’s wool?
What is the spiritual meaning of a crescent moon?
What was a manger made out of?
What are swaddling clothes?
Was a lamb only sacrificed at Passover?
What is Passover?
Did the Jewish people pay a tax to enter the temple?
Did Jewish people eat lamb?
Why did Caesar tax Israel?
What was the religion of Rome?
What was the census for?
How far is Nazareth from Bethlehem?
Why did the Roman’s whip 39 times?
What did a Roman guard wear?
Who was the Jewish prophet?
What did the angel say to the shepherds?
When did the Old Testament end?
What year was Jesus born?
When did King Herod die?
What did Herod die from?

THE SWING is an incredible love story that I hope others will get lost in, while also bringing the Christmas story alive and strengthen testimonies in the miraculous birth and mission of Jesus.

It’s undeniable.
He is The King.

Artwork by Laura Lofgreen

Here is a book cover I designed for fun, to have all the feels and put on my vision board. I will start querying agents soon

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