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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why I Like When a Woman Calls Me “Honey”

I was at the grocery store a few nights ago and after the cashier rang up my total, she called me “Honey.”

“That will be $85 dollar, Honey.” I don’t remember the total, but it was something like that.
While she’d been ringing up my groceries, we’d had a pleasant conversation about my kids and she’d been very kind.  When she called me “Honey,” I definitely felt like her friend.
Honey – a term that when a strange man says it, I feel creped out, but when a woman says it, I want to give her a giant hug and kiss.

Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve been called “Honey” a couple of times by a few different women.

I think I like it.

Hugging my little honey!!

I like it so much that a couple of times now, I’ve tried it. “Thanks, Honey.” And it can’t just be to anybody, it has to be with someone who I’ve had some sort of kind interaction with, but I don’t know her name.  Like the waitress who has helped me clean up my kids spilled water, or even a stranger who speaks to me while I’m in line.  I just might call either one of them “Honey,” when we part ways.

“Thanks, Honey.” "Nice meeting you, Honey." "Have a great day, Honey."

Yeah, “Honey,” seems like a good fit. When I call another woman “Honey,” I feel in a way like I’m a big sister to her and that I’d help her any time, that I appreciate her kindness and think she’s pretty great. There is an affection attached to it.  When shared properly, the word has a twinkle to it.

I just love this beautiful sister of mine.

Too many creepy men have used the world “Honey,” with an ulterior motive. The term is most often sexually motivated, because coy, attention-seeking men exploit it, but when I say it kindly to another woman or when she says it to me, it’s like we’re talking the word back. 

When a woman calls me honey, I feel a connection, a sisterhood, a friendship, even a sort of protection from her. It’s like the cumulative burden we as woman carry is now being shared and validated. I feel her strength and a nurturing vibe from her that makes me feel like I have an instant friend.

Ladies, I mean Honey, let’s take our word back! 

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