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Monday, May 9, 2016

My Tribe - Teaching Kids to Write

Writing in my journal – a favorite past time for me since I was a kid.  My mom, the gifted writer that she is, gave me my first journal when I was five and I’ve been writing in it ever since.

Eden on Mother's day

While practicing intermittent fasting, I’ve become more present in my life; more aware of beautiful tiny things especially in my children.  Because I no longer live in a state of rush or procrastination, time has presented itself a bit more accommodating.  I kept a detailed journal the first 30 days of my intermittent fast, so I wondered “Why have I not taught my kids to keep a journal of their own?”  I knew the answer – I never had enough time.

On a quest to help my children learn to listen better to each other (and their parents), I came to the realization they first needed to learn how to listen to themselves.  Hence, journaling – the ultimate experience to understanding and listening to your own needs, feelings and emotions. 

I’ve been working with my kids on journaling now for several months and have seen huge breakthroughs in how they feel about themselves and treat each other.  Not only do we have scheduled one-on-one time, but I’ve learned more about them than if I just kissed them goodnight and tucked them into bed.  My boys aren’t big talkers to begin with, so at first I asked questions and they answered.  Of course, Eden was all into it from day one and it was almost impossible to turn her ideas off.  
Eden with Canyon on his 1st birthday

Anyway, with the boys we worked on gratitude, goals and funny experiences they had.  It didn’t take long before they decided the things they wanted to talk about and write.  Now, it’s almost a necessary bedtime routine.  With me as his scribe, my 8 year-old loves telling me funny stories while I write them down.  Mayer likes to write poetry and play on words.  He entered a writing contest at school and his poem won.  He now identifies with himself as a writer and I think this made me more emotional than anything.

Each of my children is a gifted writer, but more importantly they know I’m making them a priority in this time-starved world.  As their mother, this was a skill I needed to manage better and somehow, fasting helped me to it. 

I was asked to teach creative writing at a charter school here in Mesa for 2nd and 3rd graders.  Of course, I was thrilled.  I did some research to develop a curriculum, when I decided to use some of the techniques I’d stumbled upon while teaching my boys to journal. 

Let me tell you, I love working with kids.  After the first day, I was hooked.  They are the most loving, beautiful, talented little people.  

Our writing experiences open the door for them to put into words their ideas and feelings, their dreams and hopes.  They have so much to say and they say it so creatively.  

I tell you, my kids and these kids are my tribe.  This little audience is precious.   

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