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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Birthday's with Trash

Oh, my Momma!

My love for her is something else.
We can get a bit crazy together!
She lives down the street, so I see her everyday on bike rides or walking the dog. 

When together, we travel all over the emotional spectrum with deep talks on spiritual things, exploring feelings on motherhood and laughing about the joys (and sometimes mishaps) of this amazing life.

Plus, we look a lot alike.

For years now, I’ve renewed her COSTCO membership for her birthday gift, but I always like to do something else too. 

Enter trash!
I have it all around my house. 
TRASH:  what others have thrown out or discarded 

Yes, trash!  This is mainly what I find at thrift stores, but lately I’ve  been trying to think outside the proverbial trash box.  What can I use that I already have?

Vintage mirrors turned into chalkboards

Old shutters display art

And now, old pieces of wood turned into letters for a birthday.
 Let me explain.

These brackets supported a mirror on the back of a dresser the counselor brought home.
I learned a long time ago when working on furniture keep everything.  Screws, fixtures, even brackets because at some point you’re going to need it to fix another piece of furniture.

Of make something completely different.

A little paint, configuring and viola!
A letter H for Momma Hinze to hang on her front door.

I had the key hole left over from another dresser and the key pendent I purchased in Prescott this summer as a necklace charm. I thought it appropriate to put both on the H, since my Momma hold's the key to my heart.

Plus, my sister Becky’s daughter turned three.  How could I birthday her with trash!

Little Emma is a delightful thing with sparkling eyes.  I had an old frame and whitewashed the canvas to try something different.  On a side note, when I travel to any beach town, I enjoy collecting sand from my travels and use it in sand art later.  Well, Becky recently returned from Hawaii.  I was there last year and still had sand from Oahu, so it was perfect to outline little Emma's photo from Hawaii in beach sand. I used a burlap rope as the final touch around the photo.

Birthday and trash?  Not two words that usually goes together.
Next? Christmas and trash!

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