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Friday, January 18, 2013

Two in a Row

Thrifting the last few weeks has been great.  Rarely do I find two dressers exactly the same.
Two weeks ago, I painted one up like this.
Then a week later, the counselor brought home another one; the twin.
 This was my second interpretation.  I found these darling knobs at Hobby Lobby.
While shopping at Goodwill, I found this Max Studio wrap-around dress.  
(I think my best accessory is this little girl always wrapped around my hip.)
Everything at Goodwill is half-off every other Saturday, so I paid $5.00 for this dress.  I looked on Max Studio's website, and this dress sold new for over $200.
Young Adult manuscript update:
My publisher loved My Dear Lucy (to read more about that, click here) and sent over a page of edits, 
quote: "with these changes it will be superb.".  
And The Memory Catcher went to press for its second printing. 
Two in a row again.
To order your copy of The Memory Catcher, click here or here.
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  1. Wow Laura, you have really been blessed. Wow Laura, you have really been blrssed. Hehehe. I am so happy your books are doing so well and am loving your rehabs. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love the top dressers. I am happy I found you again. I love your ideas. I have been finding things at resale shops. It is sure fun.