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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Memory Catcher Pre-order Now

Have you ever been scared or uncertain, knowing you have something to do for God, but are not sure how to do it?

When my mom, author Sarah Hinze lost a baby to miscarriage, she found comfort in a dream where she saw her unborn daughter. Later, she wondered if other mother’s had seen there unborn children too; guardian angels who watch over us before they are born. 

My mom distributed a flyer in her town and within a few days, another mother contacted her.  “I saw my unborn daughter before she was born and I want to tell you about it.”
Soon, my mom was collecting memories from around the world.  She published several books, but started receiving stories most unusual: What about those who are aborted?

Now, for the first time, author and researcher Sarah Hinze shares the key experiences that shaped her life and set her on course to become The Memory Catcher – one’s of the Lord’s most dedicated advocates of the unborn.

You can imagine there were a lot of perks to growing up in a home with a mom who saw angels.  The angels she saw were either unborn souls, those waiting to be born on earth, or deceased souls, those who’d had their turn on earth and whose spirits had returned to heaven. Encounters with angels came through feelings, impressions and sometimes dreams.  Her visions often came with a message, personal to her. Angels came to comfort, warn, protect and guide. Difficult times in her life were softened by the understanding that God loved her. She never doubted guardian angels were near.

The best perk of growing up with a mom who saw angels was she loved babies. Being pregnant wasn’t easy for her, but she knew babies came from heaven. When she brought home a new little brother or sister from the hospital, wrapped in a blanket like a present from God, she knew her baby just days earlier had been an angel too.

My mom still sees angels and she still loves babies. These two gifts have put her in an interesting position. Specifically, she has seen angel babies, spirits from heaven who have yet come to earth and receive a body. She has shared her stories and those of others in many books. Now, people from all over the world have found her, recognizing she can help them understand the encounters they have had with baby angels too.

Imagine spending hours upon hours with your own mother, listening as she shares the most meaningful experiences of her life. This has been my privilege and together, she and I have written about her memories of angels, those who have sought her out and how these memories have saved lives. Here story is here, in 
The Memory Catcher.
Pre-order now by clicking here.  

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Sarah is currently accepting invitations to participate in book club discussions.
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  1. Good luck with your book♫ Hope it will be available for a Kindle/Nook

  2. Wow this sounds like a great read! Good luck!

  3. What an amazing story. Your mother must be an extraordinary soul!!

  4. I'm sure your mother's special interest has been a source of comfort to many people over the years.

  5. What a terrific story.

    I tried to find this book to pre-order but I can't make that link work.

    Can you e-mail me one?

    jennymatlock at cox dot net

    Thanks for linking.


    1. Yes, Jenny, I would love, LOVE to get you a copy. I can mail you a press kit with an advanced readers copy. Email your address at Hugs.