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Thursday, March 11, 2010

We Bought A House! At a Garage Sale!

Lucky for Mr. Right It was just a playhouse, because he happened to be out of town that weekend. I'd been wanting a playhouse for awhile, but when I watched the Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode where Crooked houses came in, my want turned into a need. I headed straight for google, only to discover a crooked house starts at $1500- that's unfinished walls people! So garaging I went and the next weekend I found this...
This isn't a real before picture as I had already painted the body of the house Disney's Tink Pink. If you can visualize for a moment, the true before picture, if I had taken one, would show the house all one color- the color you see on the trim. It was a shade of tan. It also came with a door- also painted tan, and had some crudly cut shutters on the side of the window painted, you guessed it, tan. I paid $125 for this beauty. I had planned on painting it up and giving it to my 6 year old for her birthday. However, after a few weeks painting , I decided It was probably too big of a gift for a birthday and we would save it for Christmas. Mr. Right explained it would be difficult to keep a secret, because the house could not be move once it had drywall hung- so after storing it at our neighbors for over 3 months we decided to move it to our back patio.
We blindfolded our 6 year old, waited till the playhouse was inside our house (we have double doors all the way out to our back patio and figured it would be easier to move it this way then to lift it over 2 differnt fences) Here's her first look at her playhouse.

The first order of business, once it was moved into place, was to put up a picket fence to protect it from our big dogs. We already had 2 vinyl fences in our backyard- one around the pool and one around our fruit trees. It only made sense to install a vinyl picket fence. We called our fence guy and discovered it would be over $2,000 to stretch a fence along our back patio- UGH! I certainly couldn't justify that, so I turned to craigslist. For just $130 we were able to purchase the exact vinyl picket fencing we wanted- it didn't come with posts or a gate, so those had to be ordered from our fence company. But, for about the quarter of the price, we were able to have our vinyl fencing. Here's Mr. Right in action...

After many months (it was not ready for Christmas) long hours, and hard work here's our new house...
We call it the pink palace.

I picked up these signs at the dollar store. Painted them up and used my cricut for the label. I put a label on each side, so all you have to do is flip it and the pink palace can transform into something else.I bought 3 different shapes and they read: The pink palace, The Ice Cream Shoppe, The post office, The train station, The bank of Biggs and Biggs' Beauty Shop.Some of our favorite features include glass knobs , a door bell and a mailbox.

Now we can write letters to our 6 year old and deliver them right to her door.

Here's the play kitchen I picked up for $5 at a yard sale.

This child size iron furniture and vase were also purchased at yard sales. I just sprayed the vase white and bought new flowers that match the pink palace.
Now our 6 year old has a place all her own.

To see the inside Go here! Love, Kelly

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  1. cute is this...I wish I had one!!!

  2. Adorable! What little girl would not want a house like this!! I LOVE IT!

  3. Oh my! Makes me wish I were YOUR kid! This is just lovely!

  4. It's AWESOME!!!!!! Congratulations!
    Your daughter must feel so incredibly loved.

  5. I'm not even kidding when I say that I'm pretty sure you got the mailbox for your house at my garage sale! What a small world. Love what you did with it!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful place for your daughter. Really really like it. Well done!!

  7. OMGoodness! We just found a little house too, ours was just next door, it's pretty small, but I have BIG plans for it! Here's the link to a before pic (and how it still looks)... You granddaughters play house is adorable!!!
    Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  8. Saw you on One Pretty Thing. This is adorable and I love it. Great Job and it is oh so cute.

  9. Oh my word is that cute! Great job and great bargain hunting!

  10. Happy Mother's day,Carla! Your post reminds me so much of my own mom; she would do anything to make me happy. Anyway, maybe the fence around your backyard, and the pool’s surrounding is really strong and easy to maintain that you decided to use vinyl materials for your darling's playhouse fence. Am I right? Somehow, if I will have my own house; I will surround it with a vinyl fence. What do you think? Keep safe!

    ->Cristen Eacret