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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Having a newborn and writing a novel. The similarities might surprise you.

There’s nothing more amazing then looking at your brand new baby for the very first time. The doctor holds that baby up and you think “How in the world did my body made that?” You realize if you team up with God (and the man you love), anything’s possible.
After having a baby, my first night in the hospital is a mixture of sleep deprivation and blissful infatuation. All I want to do is stare at my baby, hold my baby, LOVE my baby. Every little sound or suckle brings me back to the reality that this baby belongs to me and she will forever change my world.
So how are a newborn and writing a novel similar?
I started thinking about this last week, when my novel kept me UP ALL NIGHT LONG.
Obviously, both a newborn and writing a novel make me wonder if I’ll ever sleep like a normal person again, but the similarities don’t stop there.
  • Both change your perspective on life and you feel like you can accomplish anything. You realize the world is yours if you work hard enough.
  • You see your reflection staring back at you through your newborn and writing. Self-discovery is a process that comes through trust and personal exploration.
  • Both leave you more compassionate to other’s needs. In a sense, you see through someone else’s eyes.
  • Picking a name (title or characters names) is exciting, overwhelming and permanent (only for the baby, of course).
  • Immediate needs like showering, exercise, eating and wearing clean clothes become a thing of the past. Are these things really all that important in the big scheme of life anyway?
  • Both a newborn and writing a novel can be difficult, even leave you in tears, but if you dig deep enough you stay on task.
  • Prayer becomes a huge part of everything you do.
  • A clean house in no longer a priority. The mentality is more like “Hey, at least there’s toilet paper in the house.”
  • At first, you keep that little baby at home, somehow sheltered from the obstacles of life. As time goes by, you’re ready to share her little by little and you start to trust that she’s ready too. Writing is the same way. At first you’re hesitant, but as your ideas develop, you start to trust maybe your novel can handle meeting its audience.
  • Your significant other plays a huge role in how you handle your responsibilities. His contributions can make or break your ability to move forward with your best self present.
  • Everyday, you discover something new about the world. Ordinary experiences now have significant meaning. Smelling the orange blossoms might make you contemplate eternity. A kiss from your spouse leaves you hopelessly and desperately in love. Dinner brought in from a neighbor is the best food you’ve ever tasted in your life.
  • At some point your mind shifts from thinking “I can’t do this anymore” to “I am capable of this. I can do this.”
  • And lastly, the greatest similarity between having a newborn and writing a novel is you can feel your rear end grow bigger every day because it’s constantly stuck in a chair.
Today is my baby shower and I’m so humbled by all Kelly and Becky have done for me. I can’t wait to see friends, love and be loved and EAT. Thank you to all who’ve made this day so special.
The counselor and I have selected our baby girl’s name or maybe I should say she’s selected it. You can click here to see the list of names we considered, but one name has stuck from the start.
Her name is spiritual, feminine and earthy.

Her name is Eden Garland.
Garland is my grandmother’s maiden name. My grandmother’s name was Edna Garland Street. Eden has signifigance to me because it is so similar to my grandmother’s name, Edna (only one letter apart). Those two must be having a great time in heaven.

Soon (did I mention I’m 5 weeks out), I’m certain my grandma Edna will assist Eden in her journey to earth.


  1. Great post. Well thought out. Best Wishes with your delivery, and you novel. :-)

  2. Hit the nail on the head, you did. Congratulations on your impending arrival. It was so good to see you at the conference. Stacy

  3. Love it!!! EXITING!!!

  4. Lovely name for your soon to be new little one. Enjoyed the blog. Makes total sense. It was nice to meet you at the ANWA Conference!

  5. Beautiful name for your new addition! I hope all goes well for her arrival.

    I'm very intrigued by your straight-forward ebay info- now I just have to get to the thrift store and go hunting:)