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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Big Challenge Week 6

Week 6 has come and gone and were getting closer to our goal of earning $4,000 to take our family to Disney World. This week I listed 39 items as well as 39 relists that didn't sell last week on ebay. After talking to a friend, Thank you Cindy, I decided to relist my items for $2.99 instead of the usual .99- This really paid off. Here's my top sellers:

Ralph Lauren Size 12 Gold Ruffle Skirt sold for $9.50J. Crew, size 2, black/cream/red graphic skirt sold for $11.00Calvin Klein, size 14, denim skirt sold for 13.50

I was super disappointed when this like new Tommy Bahama 100% Silk Mens size large shirt didn't sell last week. But this week, when relisted for $2.99, it sold for $7.61. This brought this weeks ebay total to $202.74- My biggest week yet. On the other hand, craigslist was a bit slow this week (funny how that happens sometimes) Maybe it was due to spring break, who knows. But here's what I sold on craigslist:
Three years ago I purchased an overhead projector from craigslist for $100.00- I do a lot of projecting images and then painting them- The overhead happened to come with this screen, that I didn't need. It's been in our garage taking up space for 3 years- until this week when I sold it for $50.00

I purchased this cute Radio Flyer wagon at a garage sale on Friday for $4- Sold it for $20.00! That was it for craigslist- I had a very ambitious goal set this week to raise $500- Looks like a fell a little short- okay a lot short- But it's a new week and I'm certain we will do well. Don't forget to share your stories of ebay and craigslist with us- we love to hear them. Love, Kelly

Ebay Profits: This week: 202.74 Challenge Total: 829.36

Craigslist Profits: This week $70.00 Challenge Total: 850.00

This weeks Costs: -27.00 (clothes) -31.00 (ebay fees) -18.36(paypal fees) -4.00 (Cost to buy craigslist items)

Total Challenge Costs: 482.74

Total Profit: 1196.62

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  1. HI
    I had started relisting my items for .99 and it as I was figuring out profits I was realizing that I am just giving it away if it sells for .99. I was thinking at least 1.99 but 2.99 seems even better. Thanks