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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Dear Trash Earth Day Book Drive

Writing a press release is a bit like trying to open a can of soup without a can opener; it takes creativity, hard work and an appetite.
But I did it. It took three days, countless rough drafts, proof reads from friends and a few prayers.
I finished the press release for the My Dear Trash Earth Day Book Drive and will start marketing it a.s.a.p (marketing is my favorite).
The book drive starts April 1st and runs through Earth Day, April 22nd.
To read my personal story and motivation behind Earth Day and book drives/literacy events, click here.

I'm thrilled to be working with Changing Hands Bookstore and Bookman's as drop-off sites. I've worked with both bookstores in the past. The people who work in these independent book stores are amazing and so dedicated.
If you do not live in the Phoenix area, but would like to participate in the My Dear Trash Earth Day Book Drive, contact your local library and let them know you'd like to donate your used books in honor of Earth Day. If they can't take them, they will let you know who can. Please share your stories with us by leaving a comment under any blog posting. This will be a fun month with author-signed book give-aways and author features. If you leave your story, you're and become a follower, you're qualified.
So here it is. The infamous press release. If I'm lucky, you'll see it in a newspaper near you.


PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

Dear Trash on Earth Day Helping the Environment

Mesa, AZ, April 1, 2010 -- What does trash and Earth Day, April 22 have in common? Just ask Laura Lofgreen, writer and blogger at My Dear Trash (

“It’s all about helping the environment,” she says.

So what is it about trash that’s so dear? Lofgreen explains.

“I shops yard sales and thrift stores and purchases what others no longer want. Basically, I buy other people’s trash,” she says with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

She buys everything from clothing and toys to books and furniture. Buying used helps the environment and saves her money. The surprising thing is she makes money too.

“Depending on what I buy, I use it in my own home with my family or resale it for a profit on EBay or Craig’s List.”

Not only does she make a good income, but this past year My Dear Trash has sponsored a variety of events in the form of community yard sales. In total, they’ve raised $2,600.00 to help pay for a funeral of a friend and to help a spinal-cord survivor pay for physical therapy.

This month My Dear Trash is sponsoring an Earth Day book drive April 1 thru Earth Day, April 22 and is asking valley residences to donate their gently used books.

“The idea behind the book drive is the same philosophy I use at My Dear Trash: take something that someone no longer wants and put it in the hands of someone who needs it,” she adds. “Plus, we all want to do something on Earth Day to help the environment and people in our community.”

All books will be donated to the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library (

Lofgreen and her blogging partner, Kelly Biggs write daily about the trash they find and what they do with it. Their ideas have inspired others to find value where they normally may not see it.

Books for the My Dear Trash Earth Day Book Drive can be any genre, for the young or old. Earth Day is a day to inspire people of the world to help Mother Earth. Don’t let this day pass without doing something significant. Be sure to donate your trash today.

Drop-off locations include:

*Changing Hands Bookstore*

6428 S McClintock Dr
Tempe, AZ 85283


8034 N. 19th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85021

*Any Phoenix Library Branch*


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