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Monday, March 15, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

We had such an amazing weekend garaging, it's going to take several photos to show you everything. We'll start with home decor...

I was able to satisfy my frame addiction this weekend: This large frame was free, The bird prints are in beautitul antique frames- antique mall price was marked 62.00 we purchased them for $2 each, The 4 gold frames were .50 each, as was the dark frame on the left, The candles were .25 for the large and .50 for the new partylite and soy candle (such a steal if you know what these cost new)The floral prints in the back are framed in very heavy, thick black frames- $5 each. The old clock was $5, the french flower canisters were $5 for the set, The ornate gold frame was .50 (she'll look amazing in black), The wood duck was $1.50, the dress form was .50, the black iron antique replica candleholders (behind the duck) were .25 each, the little glass dish- a very old antique- was .50, the glass partylite taper candle holders were free, and the table they all sit on was $10- Also a beauty in black- can't wait to show you.Pictured here are musical crackers (a victorian tradition- you break them open to find little toys and confetti inside) .50, The Americana bucket $3 and Decorating and party planning books $1 each. The rooster shelf was $5, and the longaberger basket (a great resale item on ebay) was $1.

My very own pink tool set $24 monopoly games! (The connect four game is actually a disney version of monopoly) for $1 each, vintage dominoes .50, stow & Go puzzle mover $1 (This will make a great gift for my mother in law) Baby Einstein flash cards $1, and a dancing eggs game for $1- I'll have to look up the rules on google, but it looks fun.Are you ready for this one? An antique spindle bed... $15. This is a definite resale for the Big Challenge item.
Stack of lumber...FREE! We've already used some of this for 2 different projects- Hopefully they'll be done this week so I can show you.
Solid oak buffet... $5. This will be beautiful in black with distressed edges. Probably a resale item in a week or so.
Set of wingback chairs and ottomen... $10 (That's total, not each) These were a resale item and have already sold. Come visit Wednesday for The Big Challenge update to find out how much!
Little tikes turtle sandbox...$3. Another resale item that sold- total will be given on Wednesday.
Beautiful, 7 foot brocade couch...$20. Not a stain or tear and you guessed it, a resale item for The Big Challenge.
And finally, I almost bought one of these for my 17 year old as a joke for christmas, but for $100 is was a little too pricey for a joke- This weekend we scored one for just $5
A unicycle!

If you're not a garager, but are thinking about becoming one, now is the time to check it out. March and April are the two busiest months of the year for sales in Arizona. Once the summer begins it get a little too hot and the number of sales will be cut considerably. So get out there and see what you can find. Keep us updated as we love to here My Dear Trash stories. Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly- I am seriously interested in the black buffet. Once it's black. I'm going to call you. It could solve my gaming problems!

  2. Once again, wonderful finds! I love the basket and party crackers/poppers!

  3. Wow! Just WOW! That is an impressive amount of stuff for soooo cheap. I never knew such "good" stuff was out there. Can't wait to see how you've improved some of your finds.

  4. I LOVE hearing about all of your finds and sales. I just wish I knew about some of the items before they sold so that I can buy them! Have you ever considered putting your for sale items on your blog somewhere? (Or maybe you already do and I just haven't seen it yet...)

  5. I think that you do a great job with finding bargains. I only wish that when people purchase your items you dont attach your blog information. Its kinds of disheartening when people purchase your items and you post what you actually paid for them.

  6. Anonymous,
    Thank you for the comment. I usually don't give my blog information- not until I had my home decor sale. And here's my two cents...This is what I do for some extra cash. I feel that when we buy retail we know the company is making a huge profit. By advertising what I pay, I hope to insprire others to buy low and sell competitively. I hope that the people who buy from me appreciate the work I put into refurbishing a piece- and sometimes, when I luck out and I can just flip something I bought without much work at all- I hope the buyer appreciates the time I take each weekend to find these treasures. Hope that helps give some perspective on my point of view. Thanks again for commenting.