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Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodwill Clock Redo and a Gift from Mr. Right

This adventure began with the purchase of this huge clock at goodwill for 2.99. Love the fact that it's Madison Clock Co. (One of my daughter's names)The tag read "As Is". Why? Because it had no hands and the clock works were broken. No problem, I thought, I'll just go to Home Depot and buy new clock works. I soon discover home depot doesn't carry clock works- they refer me to Michaels. While at Michaels I learn they are out of all of their clock hands. So, I head over to one of my favorites, Hobby Lobby. They carry everything... except 8" clock hands. The largest they carry are 4 1/2" and I realize it's going to cost $6 for the clockworks and who knows what, for the 8" hands, if I can find them. So the wheels start turning... If I can find an inexpensive clock at a garage sale with 8" hands, I'm all set. Ask and you shall receive. This weekend I found this...
Notice the crack in the top of the clock? At just $3 I knew it was a steal for the parts I needed. A little paint and a quick switch-a-roo and my laundry room shelf went from this...
To this...
I love the way it turned out, a little more sophistocated look, and for just $6 I have a beautiful clock that keeps perfect time. Maybe next week I can find some treasures for the other side of the laundry room...It's funny how our tastes change over the years. I'm ready to move out some of my small knick-knacks for some big statement pieces. Wish me luck. Love, Kelly

Oh! I almost forgot. What's the gift from Mr. Right? Did anyone notice that I was able to take pictures of my laundry room, even though it's only 7'x8'? I am now the proud owner of a wide angle camera lens! Thanks to Mr. Right and craigslist! I was so excited- Now I'll actually be able to show you my craft room I've been working on- when it's done anyway.

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  1. I love the makeover on the clock. It turned out stunning. And...congratulations on your new lens!!!! Be blessed. Cindy

  2. What a beautiful makeover, great job!!

  3. I love it! And have wide angle lens envy ;)

  4. Wow! Love that clock! I am cleaning up the little knick knacks too for bigger pieces.


  5. Your clock turned out great! So sweet of the hubs to surprise you with a fabulous camera!


  6. Kelly,
    I luv how thrifty you are...great idea to look for a cheap clock at a yard sale! I'm doing the same with my decor...less is more! I'm so happy to have you at my PAR-TAY...I hope you are having a FUN time:)