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Monday, January 10, 2011

Trying To Help a Vintage Lamp

Kelly finished up another estate sell this weekend.  The sale ran Friday and on Saturday, everything was marked 50% off.  I finally sold my horribly sad vintage buffet/bar.  

It’s been in my garage for months.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get this thing to move on craigslist.  This business of selling trash can be tricky.  I thought for sure this thing was a hot item.  I mean look at it.  It flips out, rolls on wheels.  I was certain I could double my money.
Who wouldn't want this thing?  Kelly and I lugged it over to the estate sell late Friday night.  She marked it at $125, knowing it would be ½ off.  It was the first thing that sold on Saturday.  A customer offered her $50.00 for it.  I would have cried to bring it back to my garage, so I’m so happy it sold, even if I didn't make much money off it.
At the estate sale, I saw this lamp.  
This vintage little lamp perfectly displays childhood from the 1950’s.  Kelly had it marked at $10.00.  I couldn’t stand it.  Surely it was worth more then that, but it didn’t sell the other days of the sale at $20.00, then $10.00.  It was doomed to go for $5.00 if I didn’t do something.  I’m going to list it on and hope it sells closer to $25.00.  Wish us luck.
At garage sales this weekend, I found some great surprises.
A vintage dresser.
A pair of blue vintage lamps.  Don't you love the shades.  They are in great shape.
And the blue glass.  Don't get me started.
A glass little mermaid for the baby girl.

Currently on craigslist, I have the following trash.
A Primitive Antique Danish inspired wood table. 
Won’t this thing be darling for valentines day.  I love the hearts.
A vintage chandelier
and a pair of Pottery Barn tins
My recent sales?
Imagine my surprise when my large area rug finally sold.
And my vintage coffee table
and my retro dresser (even with the horrible staging).
Imagine my surprise when it snowed in Mesa, AZ
It was short and sweet, only but a minute, but I know they caught some snow in their mouth.
I'm not surprised the cat didn't like it. Not one bit.
What's this thing?  My neighbors let the boys peddle around with them in this gift from Santa.  Not trash, no. Somethings you can only buy new.
It's 10:30pm.  I tell Reef it's time to stop playing, would he please get on his P.J.s. 
 Imagine my surprise when he ran up to me, ready for bed
in a sweater vest.
He's way to independent, but that's what has happened to this 4th boy.
Yes, this home's just full of beautiful surprises.
I hope I'm pleasantly surprised that Kelly's 1950's lamp sales.  Surely, someone out there wants to light up their baby's room with this vessel of vintage sunshine.


  1. Wow! What is that bike thingie called?

  2. Oh, please don't call that dresser vintage because I had one JUST like it when I was growing up. And I can't be THAT old, can I?

  3. Is that the white with gold trim dresser?!? I have been on the hunt for one! When I was a kid I had the canopy, that "lingerie chest" and the nightstand.
    When I was pregnant (w/ girl after 2 boys) I found the big dresser at a yardsale for 25$. And so it began. Then I found the long dresser (20 because no mirror). Still on the hunt for that tall dresser and a nightstand. And at the moment they are the perfect juxtaposition to the blue racecar bed my little girl sleeps in and loves!

  4. Just found your blog, it's a lot of fun! Have you sold the tall white french dresser? Oh man, it's calling my name!