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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trash To Cash Wednesday!

I finally got back on the Craigslist wagon this week when I listed a King Size Pottery barn velvet duvet, sheet set, 3 shams and bolster pillow- This is the picture of the set from the PB catalog...This set was for sale at one of my estate sales for $75.00- When everything was going 50% off, I bought it for $37.50. I listed it this week on craigslist for $75.00 and sold it the same day. It was also a fantastic week on ebay. Here's a look at my top sellers.I had these Express design studio size 8 brown editor pants listed for $9.00 and a customer requested a buy it now- they sold for $12.00.

Chico's Travelers size 1 brown skirt sold for $14.49
Banana Republic Size L Black Wool Sweater Skirt sold for $16.50
Anthropologie Odille Size 2 Navy Blue Skirt sold for $13.17

Men's Versace Classic Size 36 Black Graphic Pants sold for $13.50
BCBG Maxazria Size Large Graphic Wrap Top sold for $13.50
Ann Taylor size 14 Silk Dress sold for $15.55
Chico's Travelers Size 2 Brown Top sold for $17.39
Lane Bryant Size 18/20 Sheer Silky Dress $19.50American Eagle Size 18 Denim Jeans sold for $22.50. Many of these items came from a garage sale where the owner wouldn't budge on the $2.00 per item price. I'm glad I decided to buy the 15 items as I made back my $30.00 by selling just 2 of them. Here's this weeks totals:

Ebay Total:$521.23
Craigslist Total:75.00
Costs: 105.00(clothes), 71.43(ebay fees), 32.71(paypal fees)-37.50 (Craigslist item)
Total Profit: $349.59

My clothing expenses were a little high this week since I did shop for the last two weeks but didn't list any new items. I also have been buying a tremendous amount of items for spring and summer. Because I'm taking the cost of those clothes out now, I should see a larger profit margin in the summer- as long as I'm not buying a ton of winter stuff. I just love selling on ebay and craigslist. This week I spent approximately 4 hours listing and 3 hours shipping- That's almost $50 an hour. I don't count my time shopping, because it's more fun than work. After spending 13 years as a teacher where I had a bell that told me when to teach, when to eat, and when to use the bathroom, I really appreciate the freedom to work in my PJ's If I choose, have my 2 year old sit in my lap and take as many breaks as I need. If you're looking for a little more financial freedom, I'd encourage you to give ebay a try. Start with 20 items- either from your own closets, a garage sale or thrift store. Let us know how you're doing, we love to get comments. Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly, I was wondering if you have any tips for listing so quickly. I spent about 4 hours listing this week too and only created probably 10 listings (this included research of completed listings, photography, measuring clothing). Do you have any tips on how I can list more efficiently? Thanks, Yvette

  2. Kelly,
    Thanks for your posts! They are an inspiration for those of us just starting. I was wondering if when you post do you give alot of detail about the item or just the pic and size? Also do you offer buy it now all of the time or just when requested?

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I'm wondering why you don't have a STORE on ebay. It seems like your sales are consistent enough and so is your inventory.

  4. I stopped using turbo lister when my husband re-did the computer (about 8 months ago?) and just this week I asked him to reinstall it because i needed a description of something I had listed 2 years ago (found another vintage mah jong set at a yardsale! woo-hoo!).

    What did I ever like about TL? Do you use it? I guess I have just gotten used to listing straight to ebay.

  5. You Have such a talent !
    Super cool ! You did great !

  6. Yvette, I'm working on a post to give some tips for faster listing- look for it tomorrow.

    In tomorrows post I'll give my seller name and you can read my listings. I give a little description, not too much on jeans. I usually only offer the buy it now when a customer requests it. However, every once in a while I find a more pricey item and I'll add a buy it now.

    I don't have a store on ebay because the monthly fee is too high and as a store you don't received the free listing specials ebay runs. I usually only put one picture of my items- Stores really benefit those who list with multiple pictures

    I don't use Turbo lister because I have a mac. I'm glad to here I might not be missing anything. Thanks for the info.

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  8. Thanks so much for all you ladies do! I love, love, love seeing your Trash to Cash post. I used to sale on Ebay before I had kiddos and did really well, but now with 2 kids and a full-time management job, I am lucky if I even remember dinner. But I still love shopping at Goodwill and recently I found a 2 disk collectors series Tron DVD for only $3. Well you guys inspired me to sell it on ebay and today it sold for $49. Yay! That is a $46 profit before fees. Thank you again and I am definatly getting back into this again!!

  9. Hi there! First let me say this blog is super!! I just found it today through a link and love it!!! I've spent the last two hours reading old posts and you ladies are so fun!! So here I am a new reader and I have a's really hard for me to read a good bit of your info because of the color of the background vs. the color of the printing.......would you consider darkening blue & gray print or lightening the green? Not a comlaint, just a request, it may just be my monitor, or my eyesight, has anyone else mentioned it?
    Thank you for the great entertainment and for considering my request. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!

  10. Anonymous,
    I think maybe part of our page isn't coming up on your computer- We have black print on a creamy white background. We then have a patterned green layer on top of a solid green layer. Let me know if that sounds like what you're seeing. We certainly want to make sure everyone can easily read our blog. Welcome and thanks for the comment.