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Monday, January 17, 2011

Garage Sale Mania with Baja Fresh

A weekend of garage sales has left me a bit doozy.  I warned the counselor it was coming.  I knew it was warming up to a toasty 76 degrees.  Christmas had come and gone and people were ready to purge.  I told him of my desire to take this trash thing to a whole other level and go for it.  Without even the need to wear a jacket this weekend, I was off to shop trash.  The counselor watched the kids while I tip-toed out the back door to start on my adventures.  Normally, I take the kids with me, but I was hoping to find some larger pieces and knew I would need the car room to bring lots of loot home.
So, what did I find?
What has left me feeling giddy and grateful and motivated to do it all again next weekend?

 I know, " ' nough said," right.  Seriously, if this was all I had to show for my hard work, it would be worth it, but there's more.
Men's Harley Davidson XXL Flannel Shirt!  Yes, this $2.00 investment is sure to go a long way on eBay.
And more.  
I've never seen a Native American 9 ft. ladder while out shopping trash, but it happened this weekend.  
It's beautiful too, natural-toned wood and hand-crafted.  I brought it in the house and was hitting the ceiling fan and the rafters in the ceiling.  My kids are certain it's for their entertainment, but they have been warned.  "It's not a toy," I said, knowing all too well how their minds work.  If it survives, I wonder what it will sell for on  
My next find?  A Little Tikes Kitchen, batteries included.  
Once Reef gets tired of it, I hope it finds a happy home on craigslist.
I'm such a sucker for shoes, so when I found these for $1.00 my first hope was they would fit one of my babies, but no.  They are too small for Reef and gigantic for Eden, so they'll go on eBay.  Nemo Converse?  What fun.  See the fins on the side. Love it.
A shabby chic dresser and hopefully a nice craigslist profit.
And what did I find for me to keep?  Well, I'm all excited about decorating for Valentine's day.  That's why I have a wet used plaid heart rug hanging on my pool fence.  
Reef helped me squirt it down with the garden hose. Once it dries, I'll use it on the front porch along with my darling Danish-inspired table. 
 The hearts are too cute.
Another garage sale find?
I love my industrial vintage steel bar stool.  I can't decide if I should paint it or leave it as it.  For $3.00, I'm loving it as a plant stand.
I found a crate turned art piece as a hand-painted door decor.  
And a Valentines dress for the princess.  She started crawling this weekend and on a side note, she ate her first leaf just after this photo was taken.
I must mention over the last few months, I've really cleaned out.  I was ready for some new treasures not just to resell, but to inspire.  I feel so blessed.
Always supportive, always encouraging, the counselor took great care of the kids.  I came home to a clean kitchen.  Alright, so the kids were eating doughnuts for lunch, but everybody was happy.  
So, what to do for my love to show him how much I appreciate him?  It's something I know he needs, but always loses.  It's something I have never found used and am not certain I'd buy it used if I found it, but what if they are still new, but used because they are sold at a garage sale (now, I'm confused).
Actually, it was a church rummage sale.  After paying for my loot, I saw this box on the ground.
I heard those two precious words I love to hear when out garaging "Take it."   Yes, they were donated Baja Fresh re-usable plastic cups, never been used and the entire contents at the end of the rummage sale were given to me.  
Do not think I am being sarcastic when I say these cups are a sought-after item in my home.  Everybody wants one, but the counselor is the one who needs them the most.  With his daily commute and demanding schedule, he has found a water bottle like the ones made at Baja Fresh are his absolute favorite.  As independent as he is, the counselor took it upon himself to pre-wash his treasures. 
More then not, when I'm out garaging I find everything I need and a little bit of everything I never realized I needed so much.  Cheers!  


  1. Great finds! When you Craigslist, do you specify cash only? I've sold a couple things but am always concerned about safety. I usually try to make sure my hubby is home or knows that someone is coming & when. Then I try to have the item on my porch instead of inviting someone in. Any other tips you can share? (or am I just a crazy person to be that worried about it?!)

  2. That dishwasher full of water bottles made me laugh. We definitely get use out of ours here, too! Love the dresser set, as well.

  3. It was a good weekend in Arizona wasn't it. had something I really wanted to buy and for cheap. The water bottles, I get it. That is truly a find! Ok the dresser is a little cooler, but still it's almost harder to find useful, I need to use this everyday type items. I'm trying to build up my cooking sets, pans....not easy!

  4. Great finds! What size are the Nemo shoes? My daughter loves and by loves I mean is OBSESSED with Nemo.

  5. I'm loving that stool, crate hanging and dresser set!

  6. I am HEARTSICK that I am not close enough to beg to buy the dresser and nightstand from you!

    And I think that ladder can be a magazine rack or quilt rack, no? I have seen them in fancy magazines.

  7. My husband would be thrilled about those cups also! The straws are just so easy to drink out of! They make me want to drink more water. I wish I were more confident in Craigslist. It makes me nervous!

  8. Holy crum! That was a good day. You found a boat load of good stuff. I am super impressed.

  9. Great finds!! I need to go to yard sales with you!! :) Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites!! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


  10. Hi! I'm Graciela, Sister Rodriguez mom, and she sent me your blog's address, congratulations, I'm doing more or less the same, in a really smaller scale, we bought an old house, and is big, but I filled with antique furniture, that, it came from Craig list, I love restauring old trash! and I think I kind of made a good job, I'm always say that if I get tired of my old trash, I'll change all the furniture again, I just didn't dare to sell it, I'll read your advise about e-bay, but I wouldn't like to have to mail it, ok, just to say hi, and glad to get to know that there is other people "crazy" like me, that enjoy having what we want, regardless the money we have and without get in debt,
    Graciela Bretschneider Doncouse, mom of Sister Rodriguez