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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puppy Update!

I've had a few requests for updated pictures of our white labrador puppies. Born on 12/12 these little guys are special. We have 6 females and 3 male, but I thought I'd let the boys get a little of the lime light this time. Here they are:Spruce
From left to right: Jingle, Spruce and Coal
Jingle. They will be available to adopt starting January 23rd. Love, Kelly


  1. Oh goodness they are just too darn adorable!

  2. AWWWWW... I so wish we had room for one in our apt! They are so I have puppy fever all over again. :)

  3. So cute...the faces are to die for. They look like little white baby seals. :)

  4. I just went all AaaAaAaWWwwWwW!!!!
    Stop making me drool with your adorable puppy pictures! It's so not fair :P

  5. HI! Its Salvation Army Jaime. How much will the puppies be?? I hope all is well with you.