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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Best Kind of Gift!

I wanted to share one of my favorite all time gifts. I received it this Christmas from my six children. Not only was it homemade, but it was creative and showcased my favorite treasures. My kids created a framed chicken wire photo display. My sister in law happened to have the frame "laying" around (our family can be like that) my father in law brought his left over chicken wire down from the mountains and my sister in law arranged a secret photo session where she took the pictures of my kids. Here's some of my favorite pictures from the shoot. (Sorry about the quality- but a picture of a picture is all I could get)
I think my girls look like they're part of an Abercrombie ad here. These were all taken in downtown Gilbert, Arizona.
Even the baby sported a bandana for their "homies" pose.
My 21 year old who is recently sporting the look of someone in love. (She's met a really neat guy)
My 18 year old who will graduate this year with over a 4.0 and leave us to explore the world and attend college.
My 13 year old who will soon be filling the shoes of "oldest" sister at home. She's loving and helpful and such a great role model to her sisters.
My 12 year old who has really grown up this past year and always entertains us with her sense of humor.
My 7 year old who will be baptized this year and is so ready to take that step.
My baby who will turn 2 this month and won't be a "baby" for much longer. Needless to say this is one of the best gifts I've ever received. This will be a year of change in our home. I'm so grateful for my beautiful family. Love, Kelly.


  1. That is such a great idea! And what beautiful girls, you have! I may steal this idea, and the pose ideas ;)

  2. there is something about chicken wire that always intrigues me.
    LOVE IT.


  3. Beautiful!! Wow six girls!! I have one boy (21) and I coached girls HS softball one year..that was enough for me!!lol I love the bandana shot!!!! Super cute gift idea and something you will treasure forever!

  4. what a wonderful gift that will be cherished forever. and what a great family for putting it together for you and keeping it a secret at the same time. these are the things that the best memories are made of.

  5. Love it! Obviously, you've had an impact on them in terms of creativity and thrifty chic (not to mention looks and brains!) :)


    PS: still picking up free things on the side of the road because of your influence. On Monday it was a little tikes picnic table for my own "baby" who is 21 months old!

  6. What a fantastic gift! The photos are lovely and they all look so personal, too.

  7. What a wonderful gift. Love it....beautiful girls.