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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Wild Card Sold!

It was something Kelly started a while ago, with a white Talbot’s skirt covered in florescent fish patterns.
It started as a “Can you believe this?”
Will it sell on eBay?
She called it "a wild card" and would you believe that skirt sold for $8.00.
You know, clothing you see at thrift stores that is so hideous, so outrageous, so daring.
And so, I bought a wild card.
A pair of Guess high-waisted, tapered leg, pleated denim jeans.
I must thank my beautiful sister, who looks beautiful in anything, for being such a brave model.
The year was 1985 and I was a sophomore in high school. The first time I saw a pair of these jeans, I knew I had to have a pair of my own. The coolest girls had the jeans with the zipper inseam at the base of the jeans. Sizzle.
I did earn the money for my Guess jeans, thanks to weekend babysitting jobs.
Fast forward 20 years.
My Guess jeans are long gone, but the memories are not.
And just a few weeks ago, I found a pair at the thrift store.
For $1.00, I was willing to play the game Kelly started.
Certain they would never sell
And I could keep them as the butt of all jokes.
But something strange happened.
They got a bid
And they sold for $2.99.
Somewhere, some how, these jeans are going to be a smashing fashion statement again.
There day is not done,
For they have another body to compliment.
So, I have just one question?
Who’s laughing now?


  1. At leat, I ain't!! Ther are becoming a rage now. Happy New Year Lora!! :)

  2. i am laughing - that is HILARIOUS! and awesome.

  3. I wonder if the person that bought those are doing a movie set in the 80's? Or possibly a play? There has to be a logical explanation, right????

  4. I bought a new Vogue in Paris last week. And the late 70's early 80's are Hot Hot Hot. That glam disco era and baggy pants.

    I'm sure these pants will be all the rage very soon!

    I had a similar pair mid 80's. The brand was Corfu and I was so lucky my mum bought them for me; maybe from an op-shop, I can't recall but she was never one to purchase items at full price.

  5. You look awesome in these! Bet you can fly in these great jeans!